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Professor: Middle Eastern History 
Holton Hall Room 344
(414) 229-5206 
Ph.D. University of London, 1950


Recent Publications and Research Interests:

Professor Hamdani's research interests are in Islamic civilization,the Fatimid Movement/Caliphate, Medieval Yemen, history of religion, andthe geo-politics of the voyages of discovery. He teaches Middle-Easternhistory, both medieval and modern. His re cent publications are: "The FatimidHistory and Historians," a chapter in the Cambridge History of ArabicLiterature, Vol. II (Cambridge University Press, 1990); Persian translationof his book The Fatimids in Ismailiyan dar Tarikh, tra ns. and ed.Yaqub Azand (Teheran: Intisharat-I-mawla, 1985); "Surt: The City and itsHistory," The Maghrib Review (August 1991); "An Islamic Backgroundof the Voyages of Discovery" in The Legacy of Muslim Spain (Leiden:E.J. Brill, 1992) ; "A Critique of Casanova's Dating of the Tracts of theBrethren of Purity," chapter in Medieval Ismaili History and Thought(London: Cambridge University Press, 1997); and "Surt," article in thenew Encyclopedia of Islam.