FEBRUARY 21, 1972


His Highness accompanied by the Begum, arrived in Uganda on Monday, the 21st February and spent two days performing religious ceremonies in Jamatkhanas. He also officiated at several marriages. Mowlana Hazar Imam visited Nakulabye and Mengo Mosques.

The Begum, apart from visiting schools and other community institutions, took time off to some places of interests, including the Murchison Falls.

When His Highness met President Amin at his Kampala Lodge, the President told His Highness that he was trying to promote absolute unity and love in the country. He said he wanted each religion to be united. He did not approve of factions in the Muslim Community. He said there was now a Muslim Supreme Council on which each district would be represented. He stated that any assistance by anybody to the Muslim religion should not be given to an individual, but only to the Council.

The President said that his government was not against the Asians as such, but was against those few who were disloyal to the country.

His Highness congratulated the President for the excellent work he had done for Uganda in such a short time.

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