August 7th, 1980

Visit of H.S.H. Prince Amym Mohamed to the MIS Review Conference II - Nairobi

On August 7th, 1980 H.S.H. Prince Amyn Mohamed paid a special visit to the venue of the MIS Review Conference II-Nairobi, at the request of Count Sir Eboo Pirbhai, President of the Supreme Council of Europe, U.S.A., Canada & Africa.

The Review Conference II on Management Information Systems (MIS), which was held in Nairobi from 4-8 august, 1980, was attended by representatives from Bangladesh, Canada, Europe, India, Kenya, Pakistan, Portugal, syria, Tanzania, U.K., U.S.A., Mowlana Hazar Imam's Secretariat at Aiglemont and ECOGRANT, Pakistan. In all a total of 76 Delegates and 53 Observers were represented at the Conference.

Welcoming H.S.H. Prince Amyn Mohamaed to the special Plenary Session of the Conference, Count Sir Eboo Pirbhai, the Host President, expressed his gratitude for the honour His Serene Highness had done the participants in gracing the occasion. Reporting on the Conference, he informed that the deliberations of the Conference, so far conducted, had been fruitful. He also expressed the hope that by the end of the Conference, success would have been achieved in putting MIS on the lines which Mowlana Hazar Imam desired.

Replying, H.S.H. Prince Amyn Mohamed emphasised the importance of comparability in targets, results and systems. "The community and its institutions are now spread across so many countries (that rendering comparable results, targets, systems, etc., has become urgent; so too bringing into some kind of similarity, reporting systems and reporting rhythms between institutions, I think, has become a matter of major importance to us. Finally, I think that the gathering and the sharing of the information that is picked up and of the experience that is learnt across the globe has become essential as the community moves from areas within different development stages from those under-developed or less developed to those very developed." His Serene Highness congratulated all those who had contributed to the success of the Conference.

Aitmadi Nizar A. Mecklai, the International MIS Co-ordinator, proposed a Vote of Thanks to H.S.H. Prince Amyn Mohamed for sparing the time to visit the Conference venue inspite of His Serene Highness's very busy schedule in Kenya.

Source: Ismaili Mirror

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