OCTOBER 24, 1986


President Moi officially opened Leather Industries of Kenya Ltd. At Thika on Friday 24th October 1986. He said he was pleased to be associated with an event aimed at contributing much towards fulfilling the country's objective of stepping up the processing of Kenya's raw material.

Mowlana Hazar Imam, speaking at the ceremony, thanked the Government for supporting the establishment of the leather factory and described the leather project as a striking example of what business and government could achieve when working together. He said that President Moi's opening of the conference and the factory was significant because it demonstrated in more than mere words the Kenya Government's commitment to provide an enabling environment for private investment.

Mowlana Hazar Imam said the leather project was significant in our main ways:

- It is situated away from the country's main industrial centres, thereby supporting the Government's policy of decentralization.

- It relies largely on local raw materials and manpower and will employ some 400 people when in full production. At the same time many more people will benefit indirectly from the new activity.

- It is a leader in its own field since it is technologically perhaps the most up-to-date tannery in Sub-Saharan Africa producing high quality finished leather.

- The project incorporates environmental and pollution controls of the highest standards, a matter important not only to the sponsors, co-sponsors and himself but also to the people living around the plant.

In his speech, Mowlana Hazar Imam also said the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development had decided to play an active role in the companies they promote and sponsor by providing management support and expert advice.

Mr. Zaher Ahamed, Chairman of the Board, said that the company's policy would offer a sound management base which was the foundation for orderly development of personnel. Already eleven of the factory's employees have undergone courses in Belgium and Italy.

Source: African Ismaili - Dec.1986

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