Daily Dawn, Karachi, Pakistan.
Dated : 17th
December 1996.

PARIS Dec 16: The Aga Khan's eldest daughter, Princess Zahra Aga Khan, 26, is to marry Mark Boyden, a 35 year old British Management Consultant, his office confirmed on Monday.

The Happy couple will tie the knot early next summer. Princess Zahra, born in Geneva, studied in Switzerland before taking a diploma in Third World studies at Harvard. She currently works as a secreatary for her father.

Boyden, who has an MBA from Oxford, specialises in business ethics, and = also manages the family estate. The Aga Khan has two other children, Prince Rahim and Prince Hussain. - --AFP

According to a press release faxed to Dawn office on Monday, the couple, who met through mutual friends two years ago in France, are expected to marry early next summer. Prince Zahra will remain a Muslim and the couple's children will be brought up as Muslim, the press release said.

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