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SAVE THE ALPS - environmental activist

HL Create more parks

DD 02/11/90


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Page: C4

Category: NEWS

LP --- Create more parks --- * Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan's unremitting praise for Canada's preservation of its Alpine wilderness is gratifying, but it should not lull us into complacency. Much still needs doing to ensure the country's enviable system of national parks will continue to grow and prosper.

TX The former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees turned environmental activist is heading a campaign to save Europe's famous Alps from destruction by adopting methods used to protect the Canadian Rockies from over-development. Indeed the Rockies are well protected and relatively unspoiled, even pristine. But other areas just as valuable to Canadians and the world are not. Canada would provide an even better example of wilderness conservation if the federal government moved faster on its commitment to create 18 new national parks by the year 2000.

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