S.28 -

U.N. - Operation Salaam

HL UN aid for Afghans reported to go astray

Credit: VANSUN

DD 11/20/91

SO Vancouver Sun (VSUN)

Edition: 1*

Page: A15

Origin: NEW YORK

LP --- UN aid for Afghans reported to go astray --- NEW YORK - A confidential report on the United Nations program for Afghanistan says millions of dollars in aid from governments went astray and are still unaccounted for because of the lack of basic accounting procedures and regulations.

TX No disciplinary procedures are understood to have been taken by the UN as a result of the findings. * Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan was until last year responsible for Operation Salam, as the UN humanitarian effort in Afghanistan is called. The Prince is now an official candidate in the race to elect a new UN secretary-general.

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