Prince Sadruddin

On Prince Sadruddin, from Memoirs:

...Meanwhile, My ordinary life outside politics had continued tranquilly and eventfully. My wife, Princess Andree, had through-out the exhausting and protracted sessions of the first two Round Table Conferences been of quite invaluable support and help to Me. For the Conferences had a circumambience of hospitality and sociability, parties, receptions, and dinners innumerable, at which My wife was My constant, graceful, and accomplished partner. In January 1933 My second, son, Sadruddin, was born in the American Hospital at Neuilly, just outside Paris. (The Memoirs of Aga Khan., pg 231)

She (My mother, Lady Aly Shah), had seen both My sons, Aly and Sadruddin, the latter of whom, as a little boy, was a special joy and comfort to her, both when she came to Europe, and during a summer which he and his mother spent with her in the Lebanon. Sadruddin, too bore the name of my elder brother who had died in infancy, and this particularly rejoiced My mother's heart. (The Memoirs of Aga Khan., pg 268)

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