Speech at Karachi, Pakistan

August 4, 1957

It gives Me the greatest pleasure to be with you today on My first visit to Pakistan after having assumed My new responsibilities. I am deeply moved by the warmth of your welcome and I shall cherish the memory of your love and affection for Me on this My first visit.

As I address you, I turn to pay My respects to the memory of your late Imam. Many, many memories come to our minds as we think of Him. He achieved in His life, for our community, that which could only have been accomplished normally in a period of many generations. The tributes that the world has paid him, bear honest testimony to his real life and work. He will always be My ideal and example and I shall do My best to follow faithfully in His footsteps.

I wish to convey to you all My sincerest thanks for hundreds and thousands of cables that you sent to Me in our sad bereavement.

You all know that My grandfather was one of the founders of Pakistan. He, His associates and His co-workers struggled mightily for the establishment of this great country. He always had the profoundest faith in the destiny of Pakistan. These views and that faith are Mine. This country is in My heart, for as you all know My beloved Grandfather was born here.

I have already told you that this visit of Mine is merely a preliminary one. It has therefore not been possible for Me to tour other parts of Pakistan, although I have received requests from many different places. But Inshallah, I shall be here again in December on a longer tour when I hope to see the Ismailis in all other centres.

I want to assure you all, that you are near Me and ever present in My heart and thoughts. I have dedicated My life to the upliftment and progress of the Ismailis all over the world and I pray for all your happiness and success.

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