Iran Visit 1951

286msms.jpg - His Royal Highness alighting from the plane on arrival at Teheran. The Begum is also happy to arrive in the native land of her illustrious husband.

287msms.jpg - Prince Aga Khan and the Begum in their room at the palace of Princess Ashraf pehlavi

288msms.jpg - Prince Aga Khan and Begum with Princess Fatima Pehlavi (centre) , sister of the King of Iran

289msms.jpg - Prince Aga Khan at a dinner at the Egyptian Embassy at Teheran

290msms.jpg - Picture of Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah's visit to the tomb of the late King Reza Shah Pehlavi

291msms.jpg - Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah and the Begum attend the marriage ceremony of the King of Iran

292msms.jpg - Along with the Begum, Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah poses for a photograph with high Iranian Officials at the weding

293msms.jpg - His Royal Highness and the Begum admiring the gifts presented to the King on the occasion of his marriage

294msms.jpg - The Pakistan Ambassador and his staff receive Prince Aga Khan as he arrives foot-sore at the Embassy

295msms.jpg - Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah at the tomb of Saint Safi Ali Shah

296msms.jpg - Prince Aga Khan in conversation with the scholars and religious leaders of Iran at the Tomb of Safi Ali Shah.

297msms.jpg - Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah gives his blessings to an Ismaili child, while the Begum extends a hand in caress

298msms.jpg - The Egyptian Ambassador in conversation withMowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah

299msms.jpg - An American Correspondant interviewing Prince Aga Khan at Teheran. His recoding machine took down the questions and answers

301msms.jpg - Prince Aga Khan and The Begum with Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan and other officials of the Pakistan Embassy in Iran.

302msms.jpg - H.R.H. Prince Aga Khan with the Iranian Embassy officials in Pakistan. Standing secondfrom left is the Turkish Ambassador