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He said "...My Lord, as to the various items of expenditure, it is in my humble opinion a cause of regret that year after year passes and no serious effort is made out of the Imperial Exchequer to raise the standard of intelligence of all classes throughout India. In this age of severe competition, the more intelligent and the better educated peoples will slowly but surely gain the capital of the ignorant nations, and as the natural and necessary result of their better mental equipment become the creditors of the backward peoples. My Lord, is it right that under these circumstances and in this age, the vast majority of Indian children should be brought up without possessing even the rudiments of learning?

Further along, Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah also continued, "Again, my Lord, great efforts are being made in Europe and America towards making higher technical and scientific education general and popular. My Lord, I respectfully venture to suggest that numerous establishments be founded all over India teaching the people by the most scientific and modern methods how to convert the many dormant resources of the country into capital, and even with all this extra expenditure for primary and technical education there ought to be also an increase in the grants devoted to higher literary education, so that the intellectual and moral development of the people may keep pace with its increased material prosperity. (Aziz; 218)

To meet the requirements of this rush, Prince Aga Khan lent his bungalow free to Dr. Haffkine for his laboratory. (Malick; 46)