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"The civilisation we call Islamic, has left its mark on lands stretching from the Atlantic to Java and from the Balkans to the Himalayas. Within it are very distinct and different races, such as the white Berbers of Morocco and Algeria, the Arnauts of Albania (perhaps the purest of European race) and the many converted Serbs of Bosnia and Macadonia. Then there are the hundreds of millions of every colour and race in Africa, Arabia, Persia, Central Asia, India ,China and the Malay Archipelago. But wherever Islam exists there is the manifest influence of its Founder, that permeates all classes and races. Arabian and Persian culture, too, in architecture, in arts, and in literature is evident wherever Islam is found.

You cannot visit a Muslim city without immediately being struck by the minaret of the mosque, which is everywhere from the first sign of Islam, turned upwards toward the Great Beyond. The strong mystic influence that permeate Muslim nations cannot be mistaken for any other spiritual force than that of Quran." (Malick; 138)