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He said, "We all know that ideas inconsistent with British rule have recently gained ground among the people. There can be little doubt under such circumstances that the members who would be returned will not all belong to the party of Moderates. The exaggerated criticism to which the policy and measures of Government would in all probability be subjected at the hands of the very advanced sections would have a most mischievous effect on the population.

This can be counter-acted only if the Constitutionalist Party among the non-official members of Councils is sufficiently strong to represent matters in their proper light, and to take a broad and dispassionate view of public questions. With regard to the Executive Council of the Viceroy and of the provincial Governors, I wish to make one observation in addition to what I have already said - namely, that Indian advice on the governing bodies, to be of practical value should not be one-sided."(Cheers) (Aziz; 295)