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He mentioned, " .The measures which the Government of India as about to take fell far short of the promises given. At Oxford the other day, Lord Morley claimed to have fulfilled the pledges given to the people of India; but unhappily this could not be said to be the case so far as the special pledges to the Mahomedans were concerned.

Speaking with a full sense of responsibility as president of their (All India Muslim) League, and after fully weighing his words, he said, unhesitatingly, that if in the final shaping of the plans of the Government those pledges were not carried out to the full, in the spirit as well as in the letter, the Indian reforms were doomed to failure. (Loud cheers)

It was impossible any where, and least of all in a country like India, to work a constitutional scheme satisfactorily with one large and important section of the people disappointed and left without real representation, and another section exultant and triumphant because they had been permitted to attain a virtual monopoly of political representation. (kk.a p300)