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With regards to unity between Hindus and Muslims, Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah said, They were all partners in the mightiest and most glorious empire the world had ever seen, they were component parts of a body politic, and creatures of one God. Hindus and Mahomedans were like two arms of a nation - they could not sacrifice nor injure one without weakening the other.

In regards to the establishment of a Moslem mosque in England, Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah said Moslems had rightly decided to commemorate the brilliant rule of the greatest monarch of the present, or, for that matter of any age, by construction of a great mosque in London. Lord Ronaldshay and Lord Lamington had already signified their intention to associate themselves in promoting the movement, and Lord Minto would be requested to be president of a committee which was composed of very influential persons.(Aziz; 344)