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Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah said, "The object of this College, and in fact its early claim upon the love and affection of Mussalmans, is that it should be not a mere cramming house to turn out employees for Government service, that necessary but relaxing profession, but to produce men morally and intellectually equipped for developing the resources of the country by becoming captains of commerce and industry, leaders of men and the moral teachers of their people.

That being the object in view you must not look to quantity but to quality. Our community is not only backward, morally, intellectually and materially but even more spiritually; in the true sense Aligarh should not only turn out learned and capable men but good Mussalmans, nor can I accept the definition of a good Moslem as one who is merely a perfect formalist.

We want amongst the students that atmosphere of self-sacrifice and true devotion and pity for suffering, that sense of dependence and responsibility towards an infinite power, the light of which can only be known through our emotions and whose influence must permeate every moment of our lives.

Islam can only be maintained if there is a revival of such spirit. Then only shall we produce men who will be ready to go not only to try to become leaders of the Bar and members of the Executive Councils, not only the far more honourable and mighty members of society known as founder of art and industry, but men ready to sacrifice every material interest, men ready to go and give their lives to the humble and to the lowly without any visible recompense, or men ready to devote their future to the advancement of pure learning. (Aziz; 326)