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6th October 1937

18th Session

The election of  H.H. the Aga Khan as the President's Chair of the League Assembly at a critical juncture of war-charged atmosphere in Europe and Commencement of Seno-Japanese conflagration in Asia is most opportune.

The influence which is considered responsible for international crimes of aggression in Abyssinia, Europe and Asia, has threatened peace of world.

H.H. The Aga Khan who was once recommended  Nobel Prize for peace by the supreme Legislative body in India has been elected the president of the League Assembly at Geneva by representatives of 52 countries of the world out of 58 constituents of the League-an institution to foster world peace.

What the League stands for, H.H. the Aga Khan has his mission in life: peace and brotherhood of man. Once as the delegate to the League he said, "As you know; I am doing my best to persuade Europe not to rush madly into another great war. The last great war of 1914-18 was one of the greatest catastrophes of all time. Another great war would destroy civilization."

This guardian angel of world peace and civilization is sought to be at the helm of  world affairs, when the need of such a selfless prophet of peace was the greatest.

H.H. The Aga Khan well deserves the trust but India feels honoured by the election to presidentship of, and the confidence reposed in one of her great patriot prince. H.H. The Aga Khan, we hope would give impetus to amicably settling international disputes, and boldly chalk out a way to restore peace and goodwill co-operation and service in the world.

His Highness in welcoming Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt to the League has prophetically said the "Light comes from the East." We know for certain, that the League's ideals would most be glorified by the Divine Light--H.H. The Aga Khan the League has found from the East.

What India is not rejoicing, what Ismaili is not happy, to know that the great Seer of the East (Aga Khan) who has always striven to foster goodwill and understanding among nations is elected as the supreme guardian of world peace.

Editorial Notes "Ismaili Aftab"
1st October 1937.