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The Aga Khan, I hear from Geneva, has succeeded when other Presidents of the League Assembly have failed in making the meetings begin promptly, writes "Critic" in "New Statesman and Nation." Hitherto one could wander in twenty minutes after the announced time and be pretty sure that nothing had happened. But the new president (Aga Khan) gets them off promptly at the starting post. He makes an exceptionable chairman with his good though laboured English and usual vigour.

One of the Aga Khan's habits in Geneva by the way is to patronise an English teashop for breakfast instead of taking it formally at this hotel. During a meal he will never drink twice, out of the same cup or wipe his lips twice with the same serviette. It is significant that the only voices to be remembered were those of Wellington Koo in the Assembly on China and Jaun Negrin in the Council of Spain. Both were human & passionate. Until the big guns went off in the second week, the Assembly was dumb.
(Zanzibar Voice)

The news of the election of His Highness, the Aga Khan, as the President of League Assembly at Geneva, and that by the very handsome margin of 42 out of 49 votes cast much must be hailed with delight throughout India and beyond. It is a great honour done to India and the Muslim world, for it is the greatest honour in the gift of the nations of the world constituting the League for world peace. And the honour done is certainly honour deserved for His Highness as great international figure and can be confidently expected to discharge the great responsibility placed on him with becoming dignity and credit. Our sincerest felicitations to His Highness on the single honour done to him and through him to India "Whose philosophy of life is attuned to the principles on which the League is based, and whose thinkers from time immemorial of whatever culture or creed have sought in the supremacy of law the sole escape from the anarchy of forces," to quote His Highness's beautifully pregnant words.

Sindh Sentinel
24th September 1937.