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 It talked about the forthcoming debate in the House of Commons on India, the relations between Indians and Europeans as persons, Indian Muslims and the independence of Muslim states, unsatisfactory constitutional position of the provinces, the goals of responsible government and other important subjects. On the matter of  rejection of the Finance Bill by the Central Legislature, Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah said, "It has been felt in this country, where political aptitude has been developed through the centres, that the rejection of the Finance Bill by the Legislative Assembly at Delhi was a foolish and gratuitous piece of obstruction. I do not write in its defence, but I would point out that the core of the Indian case is this: The greater part of the expenditure of the central authority being for military purposes, and the Legislature having no control over that expenditure, it was felt that the whole budgetary provision should be rejected, in the spirit of the man who says, "You have taken the cream; and we do not want the skim milk." (Aziz; 776)