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          He said, "While Turkey is by far the most important single factor in Anglo-Muslim relations, she is still only part of a greater whole. The most cursory observer cannot fail to recognise, in the light of recent history, how important it is that the five more or less independent states should establish satisfactory relations with one another, with the Moslem people under Great Britain, France and Russia, and with Europe and America."

He continued, "...In my humble judgment the right solution of the Arab question will call for a greater application of statesmanship and breadth of outlook from the leaders of Great Britain and France than is required for any other international problem of the East. Unfortunately, both these great Powers are entangled with Arab mandates and responsibilities, which the United States has taken care to avoid. I have no doubt as to what the solution should be. In spite of passing and temporary difficulties, the public opinion of Western Europe, and especially of England, should insist on working for a real and free Arabia, a federation of small States with Mecca or Medina as its cultural centre and including Syria and Palestine.

Thereby a great act of international justice would be achieved, and a dangerous focus of infection and trouble in the East would be transformed into another healthy and thriving Moslem State, to take its place by the side of the four other - not indeed as an ally of any one of them, but as a member of the League of Nations." (Aziz; 761)