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MOSCOW, Nov 11 (Interfax) - Leader of the Ismaelites, Aga Khan VI, last Sunday met in Moscow with leader of the Movement for the National Revival of Tajikistan, ex-prime minister of Tajikistan Abdumalik Abdulldzhanov.

Abdulldzhanov told Interfax Monday that the talks had lasted for an hour and dealt with a wide range of issues pertaining to the situation in Tajikistan and Afghanistan. "We came to the conclusion that the Talibs' advancement to the northern provinces of Afghanistan may have an extremely negative impact on the situation in Tajikistan," he said. He quoted Aga Khan as saying that Russia is playing a special role in the settlement of the inter-Tajik conflict. He also said that Aga Khan favored "an increasing role and influence of international organizations, above all the U.N. and the OSCE, in settling the Tajik crisis."

Neighboring Uzbekistan is expected to play a great role in the Tajik settlement, said Abdulldzhanov. He said that the leaders of the Tajik opposition, including armed opposition, are ready to sit down at a negotiating table with the Tajik official authorities, "if certain cardinal terms, which have been rejected by President Emomali Rakhmonov, are fulfilled." What is meant here is the formation of an interim government comprising representatives of the opposition, political parties and public organizations, he said.

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