Mkapa, Aga Khan visits Health Centre

By: Sunday News Reporter

President Benjamin Mkapa and the Shia Ismaili Muslim spiritual leader, Prince Aga Khan, yesterday visited the health professions development centre of the Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

At the Centre, President Mkapa and The Aga Khan were shown various diagnostic facilities for critical areas of need such as cardiac care.

The enhancement of the Aga Khan Hospital's facilities is part of the Aga Khan Health Service (AKHS) programme of creating a regional health system across East Africa to ensure improved and high quality services.

On Thursday, the Aga Khan visited new premises of Diamond Trust Bank (Tanzania) whose building have been extensively refurbished and a state-of-art computer system for its operations.

Diamond Trust Bank is the successor to the Diamond Jubilee Investment Trust Limited which was incorporated in Tanzania in 1945 as a financial institution. Its activities were curtailed after the nationalisation of banks in the early 1970s.

Earlier, the Aga Khan visited the Aga Khan schools' multipurpose hall and met with staff of the Aga Khan Primary school. The hall will provide facilities for indoor and outdoor sports.

The Aga Khan, who arrived in the county on Thursday, is on an East African tour to initiate and discuss development initiatives in health care, education and economic development.

Source: Sunday News
March 16,1997

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