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Prince Hussain Aga Khan - Graduation 1997

Saturday June 6, 1997. Prince Hussain amongst fellow graduates, during the Ivy Exercises.
Princess Salimah at the Graduation
Commencement 1997 was held on Williams College's Campus on June 7 and 8, 1997. Prince Hussain graduated in French and Theatre. The whole Noorani Family was present to support him. This is a modest attempt to present in colour the photographs of various activities and events during the graduation days

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Mike, Prince Hussain and Princess Salimah.
At president Lawn
Prince Hussein proceeding to the Dropping of the watch ceremony with Princess Salimah and a friend. The dropping of the watch, when the glass shatters, symbolises the time that stops for the student life. The watch was dropped from the Drop Tower, atop the Cathedral.

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Second Day - Graduation

Noorani Family arriving at the graduation...
Mowlana Hazar Imam and Prince Rahim at the graduation...
Prince Hussain at the graduation...

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