menara mesinigia

menara mesiniaga

This impressive-looking, environmentally sensitive office tower by Malaysian architect Kenneth Yeang provides a new architectural paradigm for the Asian Tigers now building high-rise cities at a frenzied pace. Green gardens spiral up its facade, catching cooling breezes, as well as providing shade and visual contrast to the aluminum and steel shell. Both air-conditioning and natural ventilation are employed, windows are screened from the intense sun, and core services are housed on the building's hottest side. On the roof is the framework for the installation of solar panels. Commissioned as a high-tech showcase for an IBM franchise and completed in 1992, this bold yet open building offers a much more benign vision of the future than the "Masters of the Universe" skyscrapers now being built. Already it has become a landmark and increased neighboring land values. Its only flaw, according to the jury, were a few minor leaks. It received the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1995.