Aga Khan congratulates Nawaz Sharif.

Dawn, wednesday 19th February 1997.

ISLAMABAD, Feb 18: Prince Karim Aga Khan has warmly congratulated Mohammad Nawaz Sharif on the landslide victory achieved by his part in the Feb 3 elections and on assuming the office of Prime Minister.

In a message addressed to the prime minister, Prince Karim Aga Khan said,

"Rarely, if ever, since the creation of Pakistan, has the country's population placed such articulate trust in civil government. It is with satisfaction, and a profound sense of hope, that I note that trust has been bestowed upon the Muslim League, the party which the Muslim of pre-partition India created to fulfil their hopes for their future, and the party to which my late grandfather devoted so much of his time, his thought, his energy and his resources.

"Because of the near unique expression of support that the people of Pakistan have placed in the Muslim League and your leadership, and the fact that Pakistan will enter the new century in these rare and unusual circumstances, I note the momentous historical opportunity with which you and the government you will appoint, are entrusted.

It is clear, also that at the turn of the century the Ummah is subjected to powerful stresses and strains, and it is my deepest hope that you and your government will not only lead Pakistan to a happier, more united, and progressive future, but that you will also succeed in giving to Pakistan her rightful place within the Ummah,"

the Aga Khan added.--APP