Thursday, April 8, 1999

Aga Khan group allocates Rs 16 crore to partners


NEW DELHI, April 7: The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) has allocated Rs 16 crore to its current partners to help them promote primary education and healthcare in the rural areas. The 17 non-governmental organisations that are current partners of the AKF, will be enhanced and strengthened with the funding, claims the AKF's national committee's chairman, A.M. Khusro.

While making the welcome address, Khusro emphasised that the AKF's offering to small enterprises and NGOs was not eternal but limited. He said:``We provide the initial support and make them stand on their feet with financial, technical and technological help. But our assistance is only limited to three years. We might extend the facility for a few more months, but after that we ensure their that they are independent.''

Established in 1967, the AKF has its centres in many developed as well as developing countries. A branch of the Aga Khan Development Network, it has worked to improve living conditions in specific regions of the developing world. Its main interests are to promote new and effective solutions to certain well-defined problems that impede social development.

With the European Commission, the World Bank and 40 other private foundations and funding agencies, the AKF has $87 million as its 1999 budget for developmental programmes around the world.

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