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BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom ; 13-Mar-2000 12:00:00 am ; 168 words

Text of report by Tajik radio on 13th March

Prime Minister Oqil Oqilov of Tajikistan received the head of the Aga Khan Foundation, Prince Amin Aga Khan [son of Karim Aga Khan IV, leader of the world Ismailis], today.

During the talks, they mostly touched upon and exchanged views on issues of mutually beneficial cooperation with this foundation in Tajikistan. The prime minister said that the agreements are being implemented which were signed during Prince Karim Al Husayni's official visit to Tajikistan.

Certainly, our listeners know well that during the official visit of Prince Karim Al Husayni Aga Khan IV to Tajikistan in 1995, an agreement was signed to open a cultural centre and an international university [in Tajikistan]. The foundation allocated money for this purpose.

At present, a decision has been taken to open the cultural centre and the international university for use. Further cooperation issues were also discussed during the meeting.

We recall that the coordinator of the Aga Khan Fund in Tajikistan and a deputy prime minister, Qozidavlat Qoimdodov, also had talks with Prince Amin.

Source: Tajik Radio second programme, Dushanbe, in Tajik 0730 gmt 13 Mar 00

N.B : *the mistake is in the article from the news paper. It should have said brother of instead of [son of Karim Aga Khan IV, leader of the world Ismailis]