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Culture - Wednesday 31.10.2001

Project of Finnish architects in Africa to receive architecture award

Helsingin Sanomat (International Edition) - October 31st, 2001: A poultry farming school in Guinea is one of the nine recipients of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture this year. The poultry school was constructed by Indigo, a development cooperation organisation founded by the late Eila Kivekäs. The school and its yard were designed by architects Mikko Heikkinen and Markku Komonen, who will both receive USD 30,000. The school, which is run by veterinarian Bachir Diallo, will receive USD 25,000. Heikkinen and Komonen have previously drawn a health centre and two schools in Guinea.

The poultry school was established to develop the industry in Guinea. Poultry farming is an efficient way to produce meat that is high in protein. The school encompasses a classroom for twelve students, a dormitory, and the teacher's house.

A special type of brick that is not burned in order to conserve wood has been used to construct the buildings.

The Aga Khan Award for Architecture was established in 1977, with the aim of enhancing the understanding and appreciation of Islamic culture as expressed through architecture. It is awarded every three years. In this award cycle, 427 constructions competed for the awards, with 35 selected for the final round. An international jury selected the nine awarded projects.