Friday March 15, 2002-- Zilhaj 30,1422 A.H.

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Aga Khan sees better economic indicators

ISLAMABAD: The Aga Khan has said that economic indicators in Pakistan look significantly better. "My belief is that they will continue to improve," he said while speaking on PTV programme 'News Night' late on Wednesday night.

Aga Khan felt that real progress has been made and the country has won the confidence of international financial institutions. However, he said that Pakistan should seek to diversify its economy further because at a certain stage whether it is Pakistan or any other country in the world, the agriculture productivity as the base of the economy is not sufficient. "You need to have other resources as well," he added.

Aga Khan also urged the need to strengthen relations between the public and private sectors saying both have to work together instead of competing with each other or some time being in conflict. Both have to be productive and they have to be effective. "All these issues are very well understood and they are being dealt with," he said. To a question regarding misconceptions about the Muslim world particularly in the west, he said it is due to lack of knowledge about the Islamic world in general world culture.