Asian Development Bank grants 2.9m dollars to Tajikistan

Asia Intelligence Wire - March 18, 2002 1:54pm
Text of report by Tajik television on 18 March

The Asian Development Bank has reached an agreement with the government of Tajikistan on the ADB's providing a grant worth 2.9m dollars for a poverty reduction project in rural areas of Tajikistan. The grant will be financed by Japan's poverty reduction fund. A letter of understanding on the project was also signed.

The agreement was signed by Deputy Prime Minister Qozidavlat Qoimdodov, ADB Vice-President Joseph Eichenberger, a representative of the Aga Khan Foundation, Mirzo Jani [untraced - name phonetic], and the regional director of CARE International, Genevieve Abel.

A representative from the Japanese embassy in Tajikistan also attended the signing ceremony.

Source: Tajik Television first channel, Dushanbe, in Russian 1400 gmt 18 Mar 02

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