Aga Khan meets Afghan leader, officials - Iran radio

BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Mar 24, 2002

Text of report by Iranian radio from Mashhad on 24 March

Afghan Minister Said Mohammad Ali Jawid, adviser to the Afghan interim government, has said: Prince Karim Aga Khan [IV] met the chairman of the interim administration of Afghanistan, Hamed Karzai, and some ministers of the government in Kabul yesterday.

In an interview with a correspondent of the external Dari service [of Mashhad Radio], Jawid added: The Aga Khan Foundation carries out its activities in Pakistan, India, Tajikistan and other countries. Jawid explained: The Aga Khan Foundation can provide the people of Afghanistan with food and aid in the sphere of education and culture.

Source: Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mashhad, in Dari 0330 gmt 24 Mar 02

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