Wednesday May 22, 2002-- Rabi-ul-Awal 09, 1423 A.H.
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Aga Khan pays tributes to Queen Elizabeth

WINDSOR, Britain: His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan paid tributes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on completion of 50 years of her accession to the throne. Her Majesty was paid tributes as Head of Commonwealth by mounted officers from Commonwealth countries including Pakistan.

Contingents were drawn from Guides Cavalry, the 27th Cavalry, the 19th Lancers (formerly King George V's Own) and President's Bodyguards. On the occasion Duke of Edinburgh, High Highness Aga Khan, Begum Aga Khan, high commissioners of Pakistan, India, Canada and France were present.

"Pakistan is proud to participate in the Commonwealth tribute," said Abdul Kader Jaffer, Pakistan's High Commissioner to UK, while addressing the event. "His Highness the Aga Khan has played an instrumental role in enabling participation in this even which reflects the role that the Commonwealth plays in today's world."

The Aga Khan's support enabled contingents from Pakistan as well as other Commonwealth countries to participate in a major international event honoring the Queen. Recognizing shared history and traditions as well as the strength of diplomatic linkages, the equestrian spectacular was one of the largest of its kind ever staged in the world.

The Aga Khan and the Begum Aga Khan joined with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, members of the Royal Family and Ambassadors of participating foreign and Commonwealth countries that included, besides Pakistan, the United States, Canada, France, Kenya and India to view the presentation as part of an event entitled "All the Queen's Horses." "This event serves to acknowledge the Commonwealth's importance in maintaining relations among countries through both good and less good times in their shared history," said the Aga Khan. "The event honours the personal attention that Her Majesty the Queen has accorded to that history and the admirable manner in which she has exercised, and continues to exercise, the challenging role of Head of the Commonwealth."