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Tuesday, May 28, 2002
By NATION Reporter

Aga Khan arrives in Kenya

The Aga Khan, Imam (spiritual leader) of the Ismaili Muslims, arrived in Kenya yesterday for a short visit.

He flew in from Kampala, Uganda, where he held discussions with President Yoweri Museveni and other senior government officials.

While in Nairobi, he is expected to hold talks with President Moi and senior government officials. He is also expected to meet members of the Ismaili community. His last official visit to Kenya was in 1997.

In Uganda, his meetings with President Museveni covered the progress of activities undertaken by the Aga Khan Development Network since his last official visit there in 1997.

He visited the premises of the Advanced Nursing Programme of the Aga Khan University, which enrolled its first students in January last year.

The programme has attracted an increasing number of applicants from government and private medical facilities for the coming year.

In addition, he visited the Aga Khan Education Service school complex at Makerere Road, Kampala, and met members of the Ismaili community, which has had an established presence in Uganda since the 19th century.

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