Source: Bakhtar news agency, Kabul, in Dari 1330 gmt 4 Nov 02
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Nov 04, 2002

Afghan defence minister meets Karim Aga Khan

Kabul, 4 November: Marshal Fahim, the first deputy head of state and minister of national defence, met Karim Aga Khan at Golkhana Palace today, while Karim Khalili, the deputy head of state, was also present.

The government press office reported to Bakhtar Information Agency: In the meeting Marshal Fahim welcomed Aga Khan's arrival in the capital of the country, Kabul. Marshal Fahim expressed gratitude for the work done by the Aga Khan development organization to build the Panj Bridge between Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan and Tajikistan, to restore communication services, rebuild the Kabul Hotel, repair historical relics in Herat and in the northern provinces of the country and in the field of education.

Then, Aga Khan spoke about the future plans of [his organization] for the people of Afghanistan. He said: The Aga Khan development organization, with its headquarters in Kabul, plans to reconstruct the road from Parwan to Bamian and Baghlan provinces.

The Agha Khan organization will also provide two kinds of monetary assistance to our compatriots in order to improve their economic situation. Loans will be given for economic projects to those who fulfil the criteria, and a sum of money has been earmarked to help the poor.

According to another report, esteemed Aga Khan attended a banquet given by the head of the state at Golkhana Palace today.

Source: Bakhtar news agency, Kabul, in Dari 1330 gmt 4 Nov 02

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