09 November 2002 Saturday 03 Ramazan 1423
By Our Reporter

AKU allowed to establish examination board

ISLAMABAD, Nov 8: President Pervez Musharraf on Friday promulgated Aga Khan University Examination Board Ordinance 2002 to establish an examination board under government's policy to encourage public-private partnership.

Government schools and their students, which are under the control of the federal government, including Islamabad capital territory (ICT), Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata), Federally Administered Northern Areas (Fana) and Cantonment Areas, can opt for examinations offered by the examination board.

The examination board of the Agha Khan university will be autonomous and self-regulatory with the freedom to achieve the objective for which it was established.

The university can also direct the examination board to offer examinations to all private candidates, non-government schools and their students throughout Pakistan and abroad.

The board was authorized to administer examinations at all academic levels of education up to higher secondary level or its equivalent. In addition, it shall follow the national curriculum and syllabi.

The ordinance said that it was desirable in the national interest to aspire to standards of excellence in the field of education, and the government considers important to offer the people of Pakistan more educational options and to improve school examinations.

It said that the Agha Khan university was committed to the improvement of education in Pakistan and abroad, and has already established a medical college, school of nursing, and an institute of educational development in Pakistan, an institute of the study of Muslim civilizations in the UK.

Also, it is in the process of establishing a faculty of arts and science in Karachi as well as medical, nursing, and education programmes in East Africa, Afghanistan, Syria, and Central Asia. Therefore, it has requisite, insight, and experience in the provision of education, the ordinance said.