January 18, 2003 1:39am
Source: Varorud news agency, Soghd, in Russian 17 Jan 03
/ BBC Monitoring
Financial Times Information Limited - Asia Africa Intelligence Wire

Investors set to give over 30m dollars to eastern Tajik power supply system

Khorugh: Investors, among which are the Aga Khan Foundation, the World Bank and the Swiss government, intend to invest over 30m dollars in the development of the [eastern Tajik] Badakhshon electric power supply system.

A Varorud correspondent learnt this at the Pamir Energy Company, which has been managing the region's integrated power supply system since 1 December 2002. At present the region's power supply system is in a deplorable state. Its equipment is completely worn-out, and glitches happen frequently, which result in unplanned interruptions in the supply of power every day. The Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development [AKFED] allocated about 450,000 dollars for the reconstruction of the facility over the past two years.