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Thursday October 16, 2003
-- Sha'aban 19, 1424 A.H.
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Canadian minister visits AKU

By our correspondent

KARACHI: Allan Rock, Minister of Industry, Government of Canada, visited Aga Khan University (AKU) on Wednesday.

He was accompanied by Margaret Huber, High Commissioner for Canada to Pakistan, Raymond Simard, Member of Parliament, and other senior Canadian government delegates.

Thanking senior AKU leadership who were present on the occasion, Minister Allan Rock acknowledged the University as a centre of excellence, saying, "We are proud to partner with you towards the achievement of the Aga Khanís vision: social justice and equality of access to education, health care and advancement." The Minister also expressed his confidence that relations between the two countries would continue to grow deeper and stronger.

Welcoming the dignitaries, Ambassador Saidullah Khan Dehlavi, and Chairman of AKUís Board of Trustees, highlighted that strong ties between Canada and Pakistan had been forged through development cooperation projects in the energy sector, transport, agriculture, and environmental conservation for over fifty years.

He thanked the Minister for his countryís invaluable support in the development and progress of AKU since its inception, including the human resource contributions from Canadian professional volunteers, faculty and staff. Aga Khan University has received ongoing financial support from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), which is responsible for implementing international cooperation programmes.

CIDA has provided assistance to the Universityís School of Nursing, Medical College and Institute for Educational Development. Academic support in curriculum development and faculty training has been provided by numerous Canadian universities, such as McMaster, McGill and the University of Toronto. There have also been research and other collaborative endeavours with the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto; University of Alberta and University of British Columbia.