By Ken Shulman
Photography by Robert Polidori for Metropolis
November 2003
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A gaze across the grand balcony of Ali Qapu, a three-story palace in Isfahan, Iran.
Now an art center, Hosayniyeh Nazem ot-Tojar in Yazd, Iran, was originally used as a mosque.
The gloriously restored interior of Moayed A'layi House, a 17th century residence in Yazd, Iran.
A development of 42 vacation homes, Demir Holiday Village has earned plaudits for its environmental sensitivity.
Hasht Behesht, a latticed pavilion built as primary residence for the harem of Shah Abbas (1572-1629).
This 17th century palace's name, Chehel Sutun, means "40 columns" in Farsi; here are four of its famed beams.
Photography by Robert Polidori for Metropolis