Photo: Nov. 21, 1966 - Six-year Hastings Ombuia, the little African boy in the second row, was overcome with shyness when His Highness stopped to speak to him at The Aga Khan Primary School in Nairobi. That was 37 year ago. Where you there? Do you know Hastings? Write to us!

testimony received 21 November 2003

YAM and Hi - my name is Zahir Dharsee again writing from Mississauga Ontario - I was just browsing your website and saw the above caption and picture - this visit to the school on this day is forever etched in my mind - I was there that day in Std 5 - although Hastings was not in my class I have vivid memories of that visit. In May 2002 I helped organise a reunion for my Std 7 class of 1968 from that school in Mississauga Ontario and many pictures of MHI visit on that day surfaced please visit these web pages and you will see details of our reunion event and some other pictures from that visit. We have some interesting pictures of the school and various classes and also visits of MHI there. there is also another web page for AK High Nairobi with a excellent photo gallery - please go to Aga Khan High School Nairobi - an excellent photo gallery some pictures are probabaly on the same day but all are related to the 1966 E.A. visit.

In closing thanks for your time - once again your web page is excellent and keep up the good work. I tell many people today that I firmly believe that the education that the AK School system in East Africa offered its students has benefited hundreds, if not thousands of Ismailis, who are now spread all over the world. Looking back, if one studies the history of the AK Schools that were set up in East Africa after WWII, by the Imamat, there was a common vision/theme which was to educate a new generation of the post WWII youth - the baby boom Ismaili generation many of whom have done very well today in the West and other parts of the world. It is good to see that this legacy is being recognised through web pages like yours - take care

Let me know if anyone can tell you what happened to Hastings Ombuia?. It would be interesting to know.

Zahir Dharsee, Mississuaga, Ontario