The News
6 April 2003

USAID launches NGOs assistance project

ISLAMABAD: The USAID has launched a new initiative to strengthen the management capacity of a new generation of the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Pakistan through a grant to the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF). I

The programme will strengthen and increase the competitive base of NGOs to help them meet management standards required to compete for donor funds, said an announcement issued here on Monday.

US Ambassador Nancy Powell highlighted the USG's commitment to develop civil society in the country, which has an important role to play in Pakistan's social, economic and political development.

The NGO strengthening programme is intended to improve management performance and increase opportunities for the next generation of Pakistani NGOs to participate in the country's development.

The NGO Resources Centre, part of the AKF network, will implement this programme, which will help local NGOs to improve their financial management systems and provide advice for establishing management structure.

It will also help the civil society organisations to develop communication and advocacy skills, improve both writing and research skills that will lead to better proposals submitted for donor funding and serve as a networking resource that links other civil society organisations working in the sector.

In addition to governance initiatives, the USAID also has programmes in the education, health, governance, and economic growth sectors for which information is available on the USAID website at