The original text is in Russian.<br> 8 July 2004 - Khovar.

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ENCOUNTER OF E.RAKHMONOVA With PRINCE OF AGAKHAN THE IV 07.07.04 On 5 July, 2004, the President of Tadzhikistan Emomali rakhmonov accepted prince shokh karim Agakhan IV. In the friendly and sincere situation were examined series of questions, connected with the collaboration the governments of republic Tadzhikistan with the fund For agakhan. "our two-way communications, noted the President of Tadzhikistan Emomali Of rakhmonov, are very fruitful. In particular discovery is bridge between the republic Tadzhikistan the state Afghanistan, strengthen the economic relationships of the countries of region and are the important basic factor of interrelations ". Sides expressed mutual tendency in the development of bilateral relations, development of the new possible ways of collaboration and real embodiment of previous agreements. At the encounter was also expressed opinion about the discovery of the micro - financial bank of fund Agakhan in Dushanbe city, which in essence will attend particular enterprises and organizations, which are specialized in the agriculture, which positively will affect the development of the new forms of management, organization of new work sites, decrease in the level of poverty in the rural locality and the development of the small and mid-sized business. The President of republic Tadzhikistan Emomali Of rakhmonov and his majesty the agakhan IV, concerning today's situation in the world, combating of terrorism also of the tragic consequences, connected with it, expressed the unanimous opinion that only complete calmness can become the stimulus of prosperity and development of the social and political and economic life of the countries of peace. On this in NIAT Of "khovar" they reported in the press- service of Head of The State. Source: NIAT of &.tsuot;Khovar&.tsuot;