New Vision (Kampala)
January 10, 2005
John Odyek

Aga Khan Offered Hospital


THE Government has offered to give the Aga Khan a hospital that can be transformed into a medical teaching facility.

President Yoweri Museveni recently directed Kirunda Kivenjina, the Minister in charge of the presidency, to identify three hospital sites that could be handed over to the Aga Khan for his consideration.

Leonard Chemonge, Kivejinja's aide, said this in a statement issued to clarify a New Vision story, which quoted the minister as saying the Aga Khan would build a medical school in Busoga.

Chemonge said, "The minister said the president asked his Highness, the Aga Khan, to assist in building a medical college, to which his highness said he had no plans to establish one as it required a minimum of 10 years to plan, if funds were available."

He added, "The president replied that government could provide him with any hospital and the Aga Khan could provide the teaching facilities."