Transcribed from Video by Heritage Staff.


12:30 PM


Your Excellency the Governor
Ladies and Gentlemen

I am very, very happy to be here this morning to be able to express to you my warm and deep gratitude for everything that you all have done to make this Park become a reality.

The existence of the Park is proof of brotherhood, proof of aspiration towards moving towards a common goal which is to create in Cairo a place which is beautiful where all generations could find happiness and peace, where all people from different economic levels could feel comfortable as they perambulate throughout this space.

I want to take this occasion to thank His Excellency the Governor of Cairo, the Antiquities, the local NGOs, the people of Darb al-Ahmar for all the wonderful support that they have given us, for the building of this Park has been a process that has gone forward step by step and it is not yet completed. There is more work to be done and I hope that within the next two to three years we will be able to complete the urban plaza, the space for archaeologic research and interest, so the Park itself is an initiative, which will continue to grow.

As I look to the future, what is it that you and I would hope for the future of this Park? I think first of all that it should fulfil its purpose properly for the people of Cairo. Which means maintaining it in a level of standard and quality where everybody would be pleased to come to this space. Secondly, that you will contribute your ideas, your thoughts, your requests as to what the Park could do for the various people whom it would serve, particularly the people of Darb al-Ahmar.

And I want to assure you that until the Park is fully developed, the Wall fully restored, I will continue to watch over this project like a father watching a child grow up. And one day this child will walk on its own, with its own decisions and it will move forwards determining its own future. Again thank you for your help and support. Without it, today would not have happened.

Thank you