Government of Canada
Date published: 2005-04-18

Government of Canada Welcomes the Establishment of the Global Centre for Pluralism in Ottawa

April 18, 2005 -The Government of Canada today welcomed the decision by the Aga Khan Development Network to establish the Global Centre for Pluralism in Canada.

"Canadian society provides a model to the world of how democracy, prosperity and security can flourish when founded on a culture of respect and diversity", said Prime Minister Paul Martin. "The work of the Global Centre for Pluralism will provide important support in our continued efforts to fulfill Canada's responsibility to foster democracy and good governance in the world, which is one of the key objectives of the government's International Policy."

"The diversity of cultural expressions, respect for differences and openness to the world are important Canadians values", said Minister of Canadian Heritage and Minister responsible for Status of Women Liza Frulla. "This Centre will be and extraordinary tool to share our experience with the world and for us, it will be a unique space for reflection and dialogue on the ongoing evolution of our pluralist society."

The Government of Canada intends to contribute $30 million to the endowment set up by the Aga Khan Development Network for the establishment of the Centre.

Located in Ottawa, the Global Centre for Pluralism will be a not-for-profit, non-governmental institution with a mission to promote pluralism as a fundamental human value and a foundation for good governance, peace and human development.

The Centre will bring together Canadians from all backgrounds and walks of life to engage in research and dialogue about ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity, with a view to helping foster pluralist institutions in the developing world. It will be the first such research institution globally that comprehensively focusses on pluralism as a key to development.

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