2006, November 03
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Charles meets organic producers

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have visited an organic village in Pakistan.

The village of Nansoq in the Indus River valley is 7,000 feet up in the Himalayas and is home to 12 families.

The Royal couple were on the final day of their tour, when they visited the first village with organic status from the Aga Khan Rural Support programme.

The prince is a well-known supporter of alternative methods, which he uses on his own farm in Gloucestershire.

Varied tour

The couple have spent just under a week in the country, visiting the capital Islamabad as well as Pakistan-administered Kashmir, where they toured a village ravaged by last year's earthquake.

On Thursday the prince called for tolerance between all faiths as he met religious communities in a mosque, a Sikh temple and a cathedral in Lahore.

The Royals toured Nansoq, which is based in Baltistan in the Skardu Valley and has developed a niche market in organic produce, on Friday.

Security fears

They had been forced to amend their programme over security concerns, with a visit to Peshawar having to be cancelled.

Journeying to the north-western frontier of Pakistan was regarded as a risk after unrest followed an air raid on suspected militants.

The prince has used his visit to speak out against religious intolerance, and to press President Pervez Musharraf over the case of Mirza Tahir Hussain, a Briton acquitted of murder by a civilian court, but sentenced to death by a religious court.


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