B. Bayaane Biraadaree - About Brotherhood

bhaaee vae teraa jaanno, jo kuchh tuje deve maal;
nahee bhaaee vae hae teraa, jo hove tere baapkee aal;
duneeyaame(n) dost vahee jaannee-e, jo kare maalkee madad;
duniyaakee madad maal hae, aap amal chhoddaaesee adab.............9

Consider anyone who offers you assistance as your brother. But if one does not care to help you, he is not your brother even if he may be the progeny of your father. Know a friend in this world as the one who gives assistance of means. Worldly assistance is that of means whereas discipline and your good actions will free you.

bhaaee vae teraa jo sakhteeme(n), rahe tuj sa(n)g sa(n)gaat;
nahee bhaaee vae teraa, jo hove teraa ham jaat;
bhaaee vae teraa, jo katthan velaa aave tuj kaam;
nahee bhaaee vae teraa, jo maabaap jaayaa dharyaa bhaaee naam....10

A brother is the one who is with you during trials and tribulations. If he is not with you, he is not your brother though he be of the same family. A brother is the one who is useful to you during difficult times. If one is not useful to you, then he is not your brother even if he may have the same parents as yours.

bhaaee vae teraa jo tujaku(n) chaahaave, or bataave nek kaam;
nahee bhaaee vae jo nasal baapkee, or dubaave teraa naam;
to bhaaee soee jaame(n) bhaav esaa rahe, jo kare hakakee raahanumaaee;
jo duneeyaa laalach khudaa bhulaa de, so hae dushman vo nahee bhaaee..................................11

A brother is the one who truly loves you and shows you the righteous ways. But if one is the son of your father and leads you towards humiliation by guiding you to wrong actions, then he is not your brother. Anyone who teaches truth and leads you to God, truly loves you and indeed is your true brother. The one who directs you towards worldly temptations and therefore makes you forget God, is your enemy and not your brother.

bhaaee teraa vahee jaanno, jo hardam kare nek naseehat;
bure kaamse sadaa bachaave, jees buraaeese hove fajeehat;
to duneeyaa mahobat sadaa buree hae, ehee fajeehat or gumaraahee;
mahobat moulaakee raah seedhee hae, jo bataave so saachaa bhaaee.12

Know your brother to be the one who preaches about purity always and protects you from evil actions which lead to disaster. Love for the world is always evil which is indeed humiliating and disastrous. Love for HazarImam is the True Path and the one who shows you this path is indeed your true brother.

ees jamaaneke bhaaee ayse, jo bhaaeeyukaa ayab ddhu(n)ddhanahaare;
ayab dekha rushawaa kare, or sunaave lok saar;
bhaaeeyu(n)kaa ayb ddhu(n)ddhe bhaaee, aysee velaa jaano;
to parlok ayb ddhu(n)ddhe, so acharat nahee maano................13

In these times there will be such brothers who will be in pursuit of their own brothers' faults and shortcomings. And by exposing such faults to others completely, they scandalize the person. Such are the times when brothers seek faults of their own brothers. Then do not consider it unusual for a stranger seeking your faults.

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