D. Dar Bayaan Taareefe Sakhaavat - About Charity

jaaher karannee sakhaavatme(n), apanee dolat or pu(n)jee;
e bee hae shukar khudaaykaa, deelme(n) sahee kar bujee;
chheepaannee nahee bhaaee, jo neeyaamat deetee daataar;
e bee shukar neeyaamatkaa, bohot huaa shumaar....................19

Be charitable and give of your wealth, as this is an expression of gratitude to God. Have this conviction in your heart. Do not hoard your wealth. That which you possess is a blessing given by the Beneficent. Even that gratitude for the Blessings is an underestimate of the boons.

sakhaavat karo jo kuchh paayaa, aagam chee(n)taa karannee naahee;
e kaam teraa huaa sahee, jo kuchh deeyaa raah eelaahee;
jo kuchh paayaa so uddaayaa, rabakee raahkaa keeyaa kaam;
kaal karu(n)gaa yu(n) naa kahenaa, kaalkaa tthesaa lenaa naam....20

Give charity from whatever you have earned, and do not be concerned about what is to come. That work of yours will become true, if you give whatever on the Path of God. And whatever you have attained thus(as a result of charity), will be regarded as a saving(for the eternal life) and you will have worked for the Path of the Lord. Do not say that I will perform this tomorrow for it does not make sense to talk that way.

khaer jo dennaa so khushhaal ho kar, dennaa deel bheetar;
hasmukh ho kar khaer deve, to donu(n) paave ajar;
jo hasmukh deve khaer khaeraatkaa maal;
aachhee reetbhaat jeeyu(n), lenevaalaa hove khushhaal............21

If you give charity, give it happily and give it from the inside of your heart(sincerely). If you give charity cheerfully, then both(the giver and the receiver) benefit from it. If you give charity smilingly, you will benefit immensely. If you give with pure attitude(intentions), the receiver will become happy.

jo ahesaan kare use bakhaane, usakaa ye beechaar;
jo dennaa so man vaar kar dennaa, to bhalaa kahe sa(n)saar;
maulaa farmaave ke dennaa eeyu(n), jeeyu(n) par deel khushhaal hove;
jo par deel kuddaa kar deve, to apanaa denaa khove...............22

When one performs charity out of obligation, he expects to be praised for his actions. But when one gives charity with open mind(without any expectations), his action is admired by the society. The Lord has commanded only those are to give who are happy to do so. On the other hand if you give half heartedly or with evil intentions, then you lose all the benefits of giving.

utam maal vae jaano, jo kharchyaa raah khudaake kaam;
laakh do laakh utam nahee, utam vae koddee jo deeje khudaaeke naam;
bahot khaayaa bahot kharchyaa, bahot baddaa ghar keeyaa,
e maal sab dhul meelaayaa, utam vae jo raah khudaaeke deeyaa.....23

Know the best form of wealth as that which is spent in the cause of God. Hundreds of thousands are worthless(if not spent in the cause of God), most valuable is a sea shell if it is given in the name of God. One may have consumed a great deal, may have spent a great deal and may have built great houses. All of these material goods will end up in dust. The most exalted form of wealth is that which is spent on the Path of God.

jo kuchh khatto kamaa-o khudaasu(n) paa-o, bohot hees-se baattaj dennaa;
thodde meene aapaj khaa-o, rabaku(n) terese hae heesaab lenaa;
jo neeyaamat khudaane ba(n)deku(n) deetee, to ba(n)daa deve raah eelaahee;
thodde meene aap gujaare, to lekhe vellaa chhottakaa paave.......24

Whatever you have earned is by the grace of God, therefore spend generously on charity. Keep what is necessary for your own use because you will have to give account of your possessions to the Lord. If God has bestowed wealth upon his creature, then it is necessary for him/her to spend it in the way of God. If you live off whatever little is left after giving charity, then at the time of accountability, you will be freed.

kareemkaa saahaayaa sab koee chaahaave, sab koee kare use do-aa sadaa;
to neet neet usakaa bhalaa hove, us par karam kare khudaa;
kareem vae jo aap thoddaa khaave, orku(n) kheelaave bahot;
e baddaaee sabse neeyaaree, ees baddaaeeku(n) nahee aayashee faut..........25

Everybody loves assistance from the generous, and everyone ever prays for him. Then everyday good things happen for him and God showers His mercy upon him. The generous is the one who consumes little but feeds others with more. Such greatness is different from all others, and from this greatness there is no death, i.e., the person becomes immortal.

sakhee khudaaku(n) najeek bhaaee, sakhee to hove khudaakaa habeeb,
sakheeku(n) sab koee daataar kaheve, sakheekaa to hove baddaa naseeb;
sakhaavat kee-ese barakat hove, sakheekaa ghar hove bahot aabaad;
jeeyu(n) paarasthee sonaa hove, teeyu(n) sakhaavat da-olatku(n) kare jeeyaad........26

The friend is close to God, and he/she becomes the beloved of God. Everybody calls the friend the Generous, and the friend has great luck(fortune). Such are the blessings derived from charity. The house of the friend becomes prosperous. Just as a touchstone turns metal into gold, in the same way charity turns wealth into abundance.

le aa-o jo kuchh hae tumaare paas, khudaa-ekee raahame(n) dennaa sab;
to khalakat tuse nek bakhaane, or tuj upar raajee hove rab;
jo maal khaasaa ne atee peeyaaraa, so le kharcho khudaa-eke kaam,
to kaadar tuj par karam kare, dunee-aame(n) raheve teraa nek naam ................27

Bring forward whatever you possess, and give it away in the path of God. Then everybody will regard you as noble and the Lord will be pleased with you. Spend that wealth with is legitimate and very dear to you in the cause of God. The Considerate will have mercy upon you and in the world, you will be regarded as noble.

yateem laddakaa jo koee khudaa-e kaarann, paale aap sheer leve kharach khaanaa;
raazhak to rojee donuku(n) deve, paalannekaa to sab hae bahaanaa;
kharach khaanaa paarkaa, aap sheer leve jo daataar;
to us daataarkee rojee adakee hove, or usakeebee rojee deve seerjannhaar...................28

If anyone for the sake of God, takes upon himself the responsibility to spend for the welfare of an orphan, then it is the Provider who gives sustenance to both the giver and the receiver. For the giver is simply instrumental. If this beneficent takes upon himself to expend on others, then his provision will increase for the Creator gives him/her his/her provision(rojee)

jaeefakaa hatheeyaar pukaar hay, sab aagal vae kare fareeyaad;
je koee use dukh deve, to fareeyaad kar chaahaave apanaa daad;
jeese jor nahee baa(n)haa ba(n)dhav nahee, nahee use maalkee purtee;
jo koee use dukh deve, to fareeyaad kare or keeyaa kuchh hove usathee...........29

An elderly person's weapon is nothing but a cry and complains to everyone(about any harm). Whoever gives this person a hard time, then his/her only recourse to justice is complaint. He/she neither has physical strength, nor anyone to help nor adequate material resources. When someone gives this person a hard time, then what else can he/she do but complain.

jaeef jo hove jaatse, ke jaeef huaa hae been maal;
to adakee baddaaee hae aapakee, jo jaaee puchho us jaeefakaa haal;
aapse(n)thee jeese jor thoddaa, us saathe bohot hoee-e naram;
jeeyu(n) jaanno teeyu(n) karo bhalaaee, to tum upar allaah kare karam.....................30

When a person is elderly by status, then having become such he is without possessions. Then your greatness will increase if you went to this person and asked about his/her condition. Become very gentle and soft with a person whose physical strength is lesser than yours. Do good by as much as you have knowledge of, then God will have mercy upon you.

sakhaavatkaa ek baal jaanno, jo bakshees karo man vaaree;
ke jees keeseese reeaat karo, usakee bahot karo deeldaaree;
sakhaavat kee-ese ye gun hae, jo hove keeseekaa deel shaad
to man vaarse hove shaadee adakee, e nukataa sun kar raakho yaad.31

Know about one aspect of charity. Give without thinking about the rewards or consequences. Do not keep any obligation on anybody for your generosity, on the contrary love this person. The virtues of charity are such that they give joy to all. By giving thus in a detached manner joy increases. Listen and remember this point.

sadakaa khaer khaeraat jaanno, jo kuchh de-o khudaake naam;
jo lenevaale par meennat chhoddo, to savaabthee hove adakaa gunaah;
jo khaer karo khudaae kaarann, or jo kuchh dee-o khudaake naam;
to lene vaale par paadd na chhoddo, to sudhare aakabat kaam......32

The best form of charity is that which is given for the sake of God. If you impose obligation upon the recipient, then you incur many sins upon yourself. Give charity for the sake of God only. If you give without any obligation upon the receiver, your hereafter will improve.

baahot haath khaanne par padde, to barakat adakee aave;
thodde khaanname bahot sa(n)tokhe, jo ek baasanme(n) khaave;
chaar jan ektthe baetthe, jo meel kar khaave ta-aam;
to teenkaa heesaa chaar samaave, sabakaa hove kaam...............33

If many hands touch the food, the Baraka increases from the food. There is a great deal of satisfaction from little food, if it is eaten together. If four persons sit together and eat the food together, then all four of them benefit from the food and everyone is satisfied.

kaafar sakheeku(n) umed jan-nat, musalmaan bakheelthee hay adakee;
ke jo sakhaavat badale eemaan paave, e sakhaavat kare gun usakee;
musalmaan bakheelku(n) duneeyaa lobh, keesee amalthee khove eemaan;
to jan-nat vae kaahaa(n)thee paave? jo musalmaan thee huaa naamusalmaan..............34

An infidel performs charity with the wish for paradise, whereas the miserly nature of a muslim increases his attachment to the world. However if by giving charity, you attain Imaan (faith), then the charity is beneficial to you. Through miserliness, a muslim becomes greedy of the world, and by such attitude he/she loses faith. Then how can one attain paradise through such attitude if by being a muslim, one becomes a non muslim.

fakeer sakheese maaldaar bakheel, jaanno hae adakaa bheekhaaree,
ke fakeer sakheeke man vase, maaldaar bakheelne heem-mat haaree;
fakeerkee heem-matsethee da-olat paaee, bakheelkee da-olat nahee ye hae dhul;
heem-mat baa(n)dho da-olat paa-o, e farmaayaa aap valee makbul...35

A miser may be richer than a fakeer(poor person), but know that he is more beggarly. A poor man resides in the heart of the Friend, whereas the greedy rich man has lost courage. The fakeer has attained wealth courageously whereas the wealth of the miser is not wealth but dust. Therefore, Hazarat Murtaza Ali has commanded, be courageous thereby attain real wealth(which can benefit you and others).

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