J. Dar Bayaan Khubee-E Elamke Farmaate Hae - The Charm And Significance Of 'Ilm' - Knowledge

sardaar um-matkaa vahee, je e deen masalaa jaane;
hakakee raah khalakatku(n) bataave, saach jutth judaa peechhaane;
ttole mee(n)ne baddaa vae, jeese elam deen sab aayaa;
vae to ttolekaa govaal jaano, jees eelam nahee so ddhor gannaayaa...86

The leader of the community(ummah) is the one who knows the mysteries of religion. He shows the path of Truth to the creation and realises the difference between the true and the false. The leader of a group is the one who has been blessed with complete knowledge of religion. He is the guardian of the group. But the ones without knowledge are regarded as animals.

deen meene rukhanaa padde, jo aalam sab mar jaae;
sama(n)dar meene hae beddee, so malaah beena kon lagaae;
keetaab bhejee-aa rabane, aalam kare beechaar;
jo murakh haath maannek padde, to khote na laage vaar............87

In religion, importance of the learned is only realised when they all die. In the ocean there is a ship which cannot be steered without a captain. (In the same manner, the learned steer the community). The Lord has sent down the scriptures which are studied by the learned. But if rubies are given to fools(who do not realise their value), they will soon get lost.

eelam jaave jo mar jaae, je koee hae elam paddaa;
mushakeel nahee jo hae samajannhaare, fer padde kare eelamku(n) khaddaa;
pann jeesa seene geenaan vae naa hove, to mushkeel konn kare eelam beechaar;
to samajo mukh paatt veedhyaathee e bhalaa, jeesake seene geenaan deeyaa keelataar.................................................88

Ilm(knowledge) goes when a learned person dies. A learned person can revive knowledge in those who have understanding. But it is very difficult to impart knowledge to those who do not have any inclination for knowledge in their hearts. Understand that a person upon whom the Creator has blessed with knowledge in his heart, is better than a scholar of rote.

aalam maratabaa jaahel upar, jeeyu(n) chaa(n)d badar ne sahu taare;
pure chaa(n)d sab taare chhotte, dekho taesaa kare shumaare;
aalam jaesaa taaru dareeyaa, aap la(n)ge or saathee la(n)gaave;
jaahel path-thar dareeyaa paetthaa, vae aap ddube or saathee sab ddubaave.........................................................89

A learned person is at a higher level than an ignorant(and shines out amongst the people), just as the Moon outshines the stars. Although the full moon is outnumbered by stars, yet it outshines them in the sky. A learned person is like an adept swimmer, he swims himself across the ocean(of material existence) and takes others along with him. The ignoramus on the other end are like stones in the ocean. They sink themselves in the ocean, and sink others along with them.

kuraan padde deel roshan hove, momeen deel bahot hove sukh;
bahot kuraan padde to laalach ghatte, ke laalach deelaku(n) baddaa hae dukh;
kuraan paddo jo paddanaa jaano, nahee to suno rabakaa kalaam;
sunanaa bee jo na paao keeseese(n), to hardam le-o khudaa-e rasulkaa naam....................................................90

The heart of the person who reads the Holy Qur'aan is enlightened, and such a momin's heart attains peace. By reading the Holy Quran frequently, the worldly temptations are reduced, for temptations are the cause of great unhappiness to the heart. Recite the Holy Quraan if you know how to, else listen to the sayings of the Lord. And if you do not get an opportunity to listen to them, recite the name of the Prophet of God always.

kalaam khudaaekaa hae deelakee daaru, kalaam paddese deel sahee hove cha(n)gaa;
deel roshan hove nur nuraanee, jo pahele gunaah see-aaheese ra(n)gaa;
bhaaee sab daradakee daaru leekhee, pann deelake daradkee daaru hae yeha;
kalaam khudaa-ekaa yaad karo neet paddo, jeeyu(n) tum deel vase rabakaa neh......................................................91

The sayings of God are a healing of the heart. By reciting the sayings, the heart becomes joyous and pure. The heart becomes totally immersed in Light, and it's sinful darkness is dispelled. O brother, there is a healing for every illness, that of the heart lies in this(i.e remembrance of His words). Remember the sayings of God and recite them daily and His love will possess your heart.

jo paddo so yaadaj raakho, keetaab leekhyaa so rahyaa beech keetaab;
jab puchhanevaalaa puchhe, tab jeese yaad hove so deve javaab;
yaad vae jo tum deel vase, jeebhakaa bolanaa sab bhul jaaesee;
jees deel eemaan so chhutte, been deel jeebh eemaan so dozhakh paaesee..........................................................92

Remember well what you read, for that which is written remains in a book. When you are asked a question, you can only reply what you remember. You will remember that which is in your heart and forget that which is on your tongue. He who has faith in his heart attains freedom but he whose faith is professed by tongue alone is destined for hell.

aalam gunaah chhottaa kare, to leekhaa jaae mottaa;
aalam orku(n) raah bataave, aap keeyu(n) kee-aa kaam khottaa;
geenaaneeku ddar bahot chaahee-e, ke gunaah na kare ek teel bhaar;
ke aalam jaesaa dudh khaasaa, use beegaddate na laage vaar.......93

A minor sin committed by a learned man is grave. How can he commit a wrong as he guides others to the Right Path? A man of understanding must be cautious against committing even an atom's weight of sin; for a learned man is like pure milk: it could go bad very quickly.

aalam aap elam vakhaanne, or elam upar kare baddaaee;
to une aap elamku(n) eb lagaayaa, usakee kuchh naa hove baddaaee;
sudh geenaanee jo bahot kuchh jaane, so jaane ke thoddaa hae muj eelam;
to donu jahaanme(n) aap rahemaan, bujo raakhe usakee sharam......94

A man who praises his knowledge and boasts of it with pride, succeeds only in putting it to shame; he does not, in reality, gain any status. A person with true knowledge is aware how little he knows. Know that the Lord will maintain the modesty of such a person in both the worlds.

aap mashahur honeke kapadde pahene, or baddee baa(n)dhe paagaa;
paagke peechhe shamalaa chhodde, or khubakar banaave aa(n)gaa;
koee ra(n)g fakeeree kapaddaa pahene, aap bhek saaraa keeyaa taysaa;
e sabathee man abheemaan badde, ke may huaa hu(n) aysaa..........95

In order to make themselves renowned, some people wear clothing which attract attention and put on turbans. Over the turbans they attach tussles and make their bodies attractive. Others adopt the dressing of the poor(darvishes) and cloth themselves always like them. In all this, the main point is pride of the mind, that I am such and such.

baddaaee karanee maradakee, ke eelamse gaaje aap;
paagke bhalaa hae usathee, jo kaheve ke aysaa baddaa thaa meraa baap;
pann khubee elam jees meene aaee, mahaadeen vahee karasee khalaas;
maa baap bhaaee sab bhaag jaae(n)ge, joru chhoru koe na aave paas....................96

Haughtiness of a man is that he boasts about his knowledge. Much better than putting on a turban is to say:" my father was such a great man". But the one who has enlightened his heart through the inner mysteries of knowledge has indeed overcome the Great Day(Mahadan). On this day your father and brother will run away from you, even your son and spouse will not be available.

takavaa aalam keraa rahemat eelaahee, so geenaanee ho kar kare kereeyaa;
or jo usathee sheekhe shudh maarag chaale, ke aalam to hae eelamkaa dareeyaa;
jaysaa vaattkaa bhedu shudh maarag dekhee, vae chaale chalaave;
to bhalaa geenaanee vae, jo aap paale or sabaku(n) paddaave......97

The Divine grace is on the person who is conscious of and devoted to Him; becoming a learned he performs pious deeds. Others learn from him and go on the Right Path. He is to them an ocean of knowledge and wisdom, a guide who walks on the Straight Path and leads others on it. He is a wise and learned man who performs his own duty and makes others do likewise.

baddu(n)kee majalas kott hae, bujo us tthaamke kalaamku(n);
ke us tthaamkee baat vaa(n)hee raheve, na po(n)hoche khalakat aamku(n);
baddu(n)kee majalasme(n) jo baat hove, so naa kahee-e feer bahaar;
e naseehat yaadaj raakho, farmaayaa saahebe esaraar..............98

A congregation of elderly devotees is like a fort; whatever is spoken should remain within it's walls. Words spoken in a mijlas of devotees should not be repeated outside. Be mindful of this advice given to you by the Lord of (spiritual) mysteries.

jo hove sab eelam-me(n) kaamal, to been peechhaane naa kaheve baat;
apanaa bhed keese naa kahenaa, jo khudaane kaameel keetee hae zhaat;
e naseehat suno yaadaj raakho, apanaa bhed keese naa kahenaa;
bhed jeeyu(n) heeraa maannak amulakh, so murakh haath nahee denaa...............99

He who has attained perfection in knowledge, speaks [about it] only when he is asked. Do not speak of your (inner) attainment to anyone when God graces you with His essence. Listen to this advice and remember it: do not speak of your (spiritual) realisation to anyone. That inner secret is precious like diamonds and rubies, do not give it away to a foolish man.

ek nufataa ma-aarafat keraa, usaku(n) koee na paho(n)che amal;
jeene peechhaaneeyaa us nukateku(n), usaku(n) eemaanme(n) kabee na hoesee khalal;
been peechhaane bhulaa kaheve, har hae aag har hae path-thar har hae paanee;
cha(n)dar suraj murat maannas, been peechhaane sab kahe kahaanee............100

Nothing in the world matches an iota of gnosis(ma'rifa). Whoever has this (understanding), his faith remains unshaken. Without it, his talk is devoid of vision. Objects become an end in themselves and their essence is lost. Fire, stones, water, the moon, people, man - he speaks of them without (inner) knowledge.

ek nukataa jo maarafat keraa, mursheed jeesaku(n) batalaave;
so vaasal hove jaat hakame(n), asal apaneku(n) paave;
jeene deelase khoyaa ees nukteku(n), une khoyaa apane rabaku(n);
yeh suno samajo hardam beechaaro, maulaa farmaataa hae sabaku(n)..............101

To whomsoever the Master shows even an iota of knowledge of Allah (Ma'rifah), his inner self realises the Truth and attains its origin. But the one who loses this knowledge in his heart has indeed lost his Lord. Listen to this advice, understand it and always ponder upon it. The mawla(Hazarat Aly) commends this of everybody.

maratabaa eelam keraa, sab hun-nar upar hae aalaa;
ke eelamse to rab pahechhaanaa, jeene apanaa deel ujaalaa;
or hun-nar kamaaee sab fanaa hove, pahechhaan khudaakee raheve baakee;
e sunno samajo yaadaj raakho, farmaayaa kausare saakee..........102

The status of knowledge is such that it is higher than all other merits. For through ilm(knowledge), the one who has enlightened his heart, knows the Lord. All other merits that are earned will perish, but the knowledge and recognition of God will remain. Listen to this advice, understand it and remember it - so commands the cup-bearer of Kawthar(Hazarat Aly - provider of spiritual water at kawthar).

jo jo hun-nar duneeyaa keraa, so aakhar sab hae baatal;
hak beenaa jo or hun-nar hae, usakaa deelase honaa kaatal;
khudaa vaahed laa shareek hae, mahamad banee hae khudaakaa rasul;
nur zahur sab usakaa deesataa, jo samajeeyaa so huaa makabul....103

If the merits are worldly, they will be rejected in the hereafter. If there are other merits besides the truth in a person, these will be rendered dead by his heart. God is one and He has no partners, Muhammed is God's messenger. The entire light is manifest through him(the Messenger). Those who have understood this have been accepted.

eelam baadshaahee jeene paaee, sadaa rahesee, nahee aave use khott;
or mataa sab lu(n)ttee jaave eelam mataa na shake koee lu(n)tt;
je dolat duneeyaa tu(n) paaysee, so chhodd jaaesee duneeyaa tthaam;
eelam dolat tuj sa(n)g aayesee, usathee paaysee jan-nat mukaam..104

If mastery of knowledge is attained, it is there to stay for ever, this person is never at a loss. Other possessions can be stolen, but the possession of knowledge can never be stolen. The wealth that you accumulate in this world is left here, but the wealth of knowledge will accompany you (to the hereafter) and causes you to enter Paradise.

sab cheejku(n) ek maratabaa kaamal hae, jeesku(n) kahee-e puraa pur;
eelam maratabaa puraa tab hove, jab haleemeekaa upar barase nur;
alamku(n) jo haleemee aaee, to usakaa elam huaa tamaam;
ke jo puchhe use yehee deen bataave, haleemee beenaa na hove kaam.........105

All things have a state of accomplishment which we recognise as such. Knowledge attains perfection when Light shines upon a humble scholar. When a learned man ('alim) becomes humble, his learning is completed. He answers questions(without arrogance) and teaches this religion to those who ask him. There is no success without humility.

eelam majalasme(n) aysaa meelanaa, jeeyu sak-kar meelatee hae sa(n)g dudh;
jab eelam-me(n) heel meele jaave, tab paave deelakaa makshud;
man arafakaa bhed eelam-me(n), so peer kaamalse paave;
jo re-an deen meelo eelam majalasme(n), to bhed mursheed batalaave...............106

Come together to gain knowledge and meet(in such a way) as the sugar candy dissolving in milk. When you immerse yourself in knowledge, you will realise the goal of your heart. The secret of "man 'arafa"(meaning - those who realise) is the knowledge which you will attain through the perfect Peer(Guide). The Guide (murshid) will unravel the mysteries if you meet daily in the assembly of 'ilm.

eelamkee majalas to aesee bhaaee, jaesee hae bahest keree vaaddee;
jo duneeyaa maa(n)he bahest dekhanaa chaaho, to eelam majalas bettho dahaaddee;
bahest to hae jaage paaku(n)kee, bahest chaaho to raakho paakee;
been eelam paak keeyu(n) hoesee, e farmaayaa kausare saakhee....107

O brother, an assembly (mijlas) in pursuit of knowledge is like a garden in Paradise. If you want to be in Paradise on earth, then attend daily in such an assembly. Paradise is the place for the pure, keep pure if you desire it. How could you become pure without knowledge - so commands the cup-bearer of Kawthar(Hazarat Aly).

eelam maratabaa dareeyaa jaysaa, jeesakaa vaar na paar;
bahot dheheraa hae behad u(n)ddaa, usame(n) cheejaa anat apaar;
je koee usame(n) gothaa khaave, or aap fanaa ho jaave;
sohee amulakh saa(n)hee apanaa, motee upar le aave..............108

Knowledge is like a vast ocean without shores, its depth is limitless, containing innumerable and infinite objects. Know, my friend, that a person who dives in it, submerging his self fully, will acquire precious stones and bring pearls to the surface.

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