K. Dastaan Zulamkaa - Injustice

zulamke a(n)dheresethee bujo eemaanbee hoy a(n)dheraa;
zulam karanaa chhoddo bhaaee, to roshan hove eemaan teraa;
zulam par upar kare, ke gunaah kare zulam upar aap;
to donu(n) zulamse(n)thee jaanno, ghatte tere eemaankaa prataap.109

The darkness of injustice envelops one's faith in total darkness. Do not be unjust, brother. Then your faith will be enlightened. When you are unjust to others, you commit a sin against them and against your own self. Know that both acts of injustice diminish the light of your faith.

zulam maradakaa us maradaku(n) aysaa ddaale, jo feer kar utthnaa hove mushkeel;
talvaarkaa maaraa cha(n)gaa hove, na hove cha(n)gaa jeesku(n) maare usakaa amal;
aag jaale vaagh maare turee ddaale, or haathee jees upar daa(n)t dee-aa;
e sab jakham cha(n)gaa hove, na hove cha(n)gaa jeesku(n) maare usakaa keeyaa...110

The injustice of a man brings downfall upon him to the extent that it becomes difficult for him to rise up again. A wound from a sword may be healed but the wound from evil action will not be healed. One may get burnt by fire, mauled by a tiger, or even injured by an elephant. All these injuries may be redressed but the damage done to oneself by one's own bad actions is irreversible.

zaalamkee umarohokaa saahyaa chhottaa, bahot deen nahee vahe tthahersee;
zulam kaam jeene keeyaa, mazalumthee vae aagal marasee;
zulamse(n)thee zaalamkaa ghar dekho, bohot deen so naa vase;
mazalumthee vae aagal mare, mazalum baetthaa us upar hase.......111

The life of an unjust person is short, he will not prevail for too long. Whoever has done injustice will die due to the sighs from his victims(or will be constantly pursued by them). Observe the house(universe) of the unjust one derived unjustly. He cannot inhabit it for too long. He dies before his victims and they laugh upon him.

zulam karte ddaro bhaaee, zulamse(n)thee na jeetaa koee;
jees upar zulam vae to tthahersee, jo hae jaalam pahelaa mare soee;
jees keesee upar julam hove, khaalak usakee deve daad;
hak keeseekaa jaayaa na jaaysee, rab sabakee sune fareeyaad.....112

Be fearful of performing unjust deeds for no one has achieved anything from injustice. Those upon whom injustice is done will prevail but the unjust will in truth die first. Those upon whom injustice is done, the Creator pays attention to them. The apparently lost rights(due to injustice) will not be lost for ever as the Lord listens to the complaints of all.

zulam zaalamkaa us zaalamku(n), khe(n)ch le chale halaakee taraf;
zulamthee vae halaak hove, e sahee kar maano shaahkaa haraf;
bhaaee adal chaalo zulam chhoddo, par dukh denese aap tan vaar;
par dukh deve so aap dukh paave, e farmaayaa shaah dul dul asvaar..........113

The injustice of the unjust one drags him towards destruction. By injustice he is eventually destroyed. Believe these words of the Lord as the Truth. Brothers, proceed in justice and avoid injustice. By harming others your own body will be harmed. The one who inflicts harm on others, is himself harmed. This is commanded by the Divine Rider of the horse "Dul dul"(Hazarat Aly).

zulamthee aakhar buraaee hove, zulam kuchh na paaesee khayer;
ke zaalam upar hae lyaanat khudaakee, us upar na hotee hae rabakee maher;
jo beej bove so fal paave, aam bove to fale aam;
aamlee bove to aamlee fale, jo amal kare so aave kaam...........114

Injustice eventually leads to evil, through injustice one cannot achieve any good. For the curse of God is upon an unjust one. Upon him there is no mercy of the Lord. Whatever you sow, so shall you reap. If you plant a mango you will reap a mango. If you plant tamarind(aamlee), you will reap tamarind. Whatever good you do will help you.

zaalamku(n) to aazaab ye hae, jo zaalam sheetaabee mare;
duneeyaa sheetaabee chhodd jaave, jees kaarann vae zulam kare;
haath ghasa(n)taa zaalam jaave, ke haay me(n) kaayku(n) zulam keeyaa;
jees kaarann keeyaa so chhodd jaataa hu(n), ab to dukh paaesee meraa jeeyaa............115

The curse upon an unjust one is that he dies prematurely. He leaves this world unfulfilled as all his unjust actions will have gone wasted. The unjust one rubs his hands(in regret) asking himself: "Why did I perform injustice? What will I leave behind as a result these actions, my soul will suffer as a result."

buraa hae vae aadamee ke jeesase(n), ddarte hae sab aadamee aap man;
ke bhalaa buraa sab usathee ddare, jeesakaa hove zulam lachhan;
jeesase(n) sab ddare vae buraa keelaave, ke vae to khudaaesu(n) nahee ddarataa;
to jeesase sab ddare so hae buraa, aysaa kaam kaayku(n) karataa.116

The evil one is he who is feared by all the people in their minds. All the good and evil are afraid of he who has unjust character. The one who is feared by everyone is called an evil person, the one who does not fear God. The one who is feared by all is called an evil person. Then why perform such work?

najadeek na rahenaa tthagan lokaa(n)ke, ke jeenune buraa kasab lee-aa;
zee-aan kare unu paas na rahenaa, jo rahyaa usaku(n) zee-aan kee-aa;
rahee-e nek paaddosh dekhee, ke gunaah na kare rabakaa na aadamkaa;
ke gunaahgaar paaddoshse hae balaa aatee, chhoddo paaddosh zaalamkaa.........117

Do not reside near the deceitful ones, the ones who have adopted an evil lifestyle. Do not reside near the ones who cause harm. They inflict harm upon their neighbours. Choose pure and good neighbours, the ones who abstain from performing sins against the Lord and the people. For the sinful neighbours are a great trouble. Therefore keep away from unjust neighbours.

jo katthann hove ne kaddavaa bole, usakee to khoho naapaak;
esee khoho(n)sethee sahee bujo, ke vae aakhar hove halaak;
katthann honaa or kaddavaa kahennaa, esee khoho na sheekho bhaaee;
e naseehat yaadaj raakho, maulaane farmaaee.....................118

The person who is hard by nature and talks bitter, has impure habits. Know that people of such habits are ultimately ruined. To be hard by nature and to talk bitterly are habits that are not to be learned. Remember this advice, commands Mawla(Hazarat Aly).

khaanekee kaddavaaee khattaaee dekho, jaesee man na bhaave;
e to bhalee hae us khattaaeese(n)thee, jo khattaaee bolaneme(n) aave;
e suno sheekho yaadaj raakho, bolanese na karo keeseekaa deel khattaa;
duneeyaame(n) vohee tofeek paayaa, jo meetthaa bolaa na bolaa kaddavaa khattaa..119

Observe the bitterness of food which is detested by the mind. This bitterness(of food) is better than the bitterness of speech. Listen, learn and remember this, do not embitter anyone's heart by (bitter) speech. People who have achieved prosperity and success in this world are the ones who have spoken sweet and have not spoken bitter.

halakaa karanhaar maradaku(n) sahee hae, uske deelkee sakhtee jaan;
jo koee sab saathe sakhtee kare, to us saathe bee sab sakhtee kare peechhaan;
to jees saathe sab sakhtee kare, vae to aakhar halaak hove sahee;
to sakhtee keesee sa(n)g na karee-e, e khaasee naseehat maulaane kahee..........120

A destructive person in truth is the one who has a hard(harsh) heart. The one who is harsh upon everyone, know that he will be treated in a harsh manner by everyone. And the one who is treated harshly by everyone will be ruined ultimately. Therefore do not be harsh on anyone. This best advice is given by Mawla(Hazarat Aly).

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