M. Dar Bayaane Dunee-Aa - The Material World

dunee-aa ghar maatmakaa, jeese dekho so rotaa hae zaaro zaar;
gafalatkaa ddattaa kaanuse kaaddho, to suno kaysee paddee hae pukaar;
kaatth sheer karavat feere pathar ttaa(n)ke, e doe kaysaa karte hae shor;
behete paaneeme aavaaz kaysaa, umarohee vahee jaatee so rotee hae zor......131

The world is a place of suffering, all whom you see thus cry their eyes out. Unplug your ears from negligence so hear where these calls come from. The sawing on the wood and the pounding of the stone, why do these two make so much noise? In the flowing waters, what is this noise? Thus life goes by with flowing tears.

bhulaa vae je koee duneeyaa reezaa, jeeyu(n) pyaasaa dekhe velaa dhup;
ke ja(n)gal saaraa bharaa hae paanee, e to dhul deese paanee rup;
dunee-aa sab dhul hae, dunee-aa maal gaaddo vaebee hae dhul;
ees dhulku(n) tu(n) sonaa rupaa maannek dekhe, e tumaare dekhaneme(n) paddee hae bhul...132

Misled is the one who rejoices in the world, as the thirsty one sees in the blazing sun that the whole jungle is filled with water. However what he sees is dust in the form of water. The whole world is dust, bury worldly goods, they too are dust. In this dust you see gold, silver and precious gems; it is your sight that is faulty.

paaneekee peeyaasase, maalakee peeyaas jaano hove sakhat;
maalkee peeyaas ghaddee ek na buje, paaneekee peeyaas hove koee vakhat;
jeesku(n) peeyaas maalkee huee, une peeyaasme(n) khoee saaree umar;
kabee nahee pett usakaa bhare, jo sab maal paave jetaa hae dunee-aa bheetar....133

Compared to thirst for water, know that thirst for possessions is more harmful. Thirst for possessions is not quenched, even for an instant. Thirst for water, we sometimes have but the one whose thirst is for possessions, wastes his whole life in this thirst. Never is his stomach full, even if he obtains all the goods in the world.

maal upar kare baddaaee, or sab deekhaave ghoddaa haathee;
e baddaaee baatal doe deen, aakhar nahee hove sa(n)gaatee;
jo hak upar kare baddaaee, seedak eemaan par gaaje;
kufarthee eemaan aachhaa buje, e baddaaee neet beeraaje.........134

One aspires to be great because of wealth and shows off horses and elephants(symbols of wealth) to all. Such greatness is futile in both worlds, for it will not be with you in the hereafter. On the other hand, if one aspires to be great for the sake of truth, he has a basis of strong Imaan. He knows that Imaan is better than unbelief and retains such greatness everyday.

jo dhodd kare aap dolat kaarann, or umed raakhe gaer khudaa;
to dhodd usakee gumaraah hove, makshudku(n) na paho(n)che vae kadaa;
aashaa na karo ba(n)de keree, jo ba(n)daa aash kare us peechhe jaay;
to jaysaa paddchhaayaa keesee peechhe chaale, vae aap mee(n)dar baetthe feett jaay.......135

If anyone runs around after his wealth, and aspires for objects other than God, then his running around is misguided and he never reaches his real destiny. Do not keep your hopes and reliance on any creature. A creature follows the object of his reliance, just as the shadow of a man follows him. As soon as the man enters the house the shadow disappears.

gam usaku(n) baddaa hove, jeesakee baddee hove duneeyaa umed;
umed usakee puree na hove, jo kaale baalthee hove safed;
duneeyaa gam kaale safed kee-e, safed amalnaamaa keeyaa sheehaa;
dunee-aa petth aav keeyaa vannaj keetaa, e teraa akal vaahavaa jee-aa........136

There is a great deal of sadness for the one who has great hopes and desires for the world. His hopes and desires will not be fulfilled, even after the black hair have been transformed to white. The sadness and worries of the world whiten the hair. He will have transformed his white(good) deeds to black(fruitless) ones. In this world you have only come to satisfy the needs of your stomach , such is the product of your (corrupt) intelligence.

beegaddaa shodaa kharaab huaa, ke jeene becheeyaa aapkaa deen;
ke deenke so naanne de kar, jutthee duneeyaa meetaa leen;
aysaa kaam vae koee kare, jeeske seeneme(n) paddee-aa a(n)dhaar;
ke sonaa rupaa bech kar, mul lee-aa bha(n)gaar..................137

Unfruitful and futile is the deal, in which a person sells off his religion. He gives away gold of religion and obtains the false world which is as good as dust. Such are the works done by those whose bosoms(hearts) have been darkened. For they have sold gold and silver and have bought futile objects.

duneeyaa bech ye faanee hae, or mul le aakbat tthaam;
duneeyaa tere sa(n)g na rahesee, khub aakbat mukaam;
duneeyaa deen chaar, chet tu(n) chhodd jaaysee;
eese bech aakbat basaae le vae tuj kaam aaysee..................138

Sell the world, it is perishable and buy the dwelling of the hereafter. The world will not remain with you, and all worthwhile is in the abode of hereafter. The world lasts four days, take heed, you will leave it; sell it and dwell in (the awareness of) the hereafter, this will be useful to you.

nekbakht gam aakbat keraa, duneeyaa gam khaave badbakht;
ke duneeyaa peeyaaree hae badbakhtaku(n), nekbakhtaku(n) peeyaaree hae aakharat;
nek bakhtaku(n) nek budh suje, chaave aakharat jo sadaa beeraaje;
bad bakht to duneeyaa chaave chhodd mare, jo sadaa na aave kaaje............139

Good fortune is in the love for the hereafter, but the one who is in love for the world experiences bad fortune. For the world is loved by the unfortunate ones, whereas the fortunate ones love the hereafter. The ones with good fortune have good intelligence, and the desire for the hereafter wherein they dwell for ever. The unfortunate ones desire the world which they leave upon death and which is therefore never of any use.

duneeyaa nyaamatu(n)se, khub savaab aakabat keraa;
aakabat sadaa baakee rahesee, duneeyaa fanaa hove saveraa;
jo tuje khudaane ak-kal dee-aa, to duneeyaaku(n) na kar pyaar;
ke jo tthaam chhoddnaa vaa(n)haa(n) ghar kare, esaa kaam kare gemaar...........140

Worldly boons are surpassed by the benefits of the hereafter. The hereafter will remain for ever, whereas the world will perish quickly. If God has given you intelligence, do not love the world. For to make a dwelling in a place that you must leave eventually, is to behave like a fool.

malee maheree vae jaanno, jo aap purakh kare atee peeyaar;
to farja(n)d bee hove usathee, purakh hove bakhtaavaar;
duneeyaa meheree bohot hatyaaree, ek purakh nahee neebhaayaa;
palame(n) ek chhodd dujaa kee-aa, gemaar jo koee us par lobhaayaa.....141

A faithful woman is the one who loves her husband a great deal. Then her children will be fortunate and noble. But this worldly woman is very unfaithful, she has never maintained one master. She leaves one in a moment and has a relationship with another. Foolish are the ones who are hypnotised by this woman(world).

jeene aap maal khajaanaa kee-aa, or apanee dolat aape nahee chaakhee;
vae haath ghasa(n)taa aap utth jaave, jeeyu(n) madh na khaayaa maakhee;
haath ghasa(n)tee dekho maakhee, cheto bhaaee duneeyaa sa(n)gh na aave;
teeyu(n) aakabat kamaaee keeyu(n) nahee(n) karataa, murakh aap janam tu(n) keeyu(n) gamaave....142

The ones who have amassed their wealth and have not tasted good use of it (spent it for a good cause or for innocent pleasures), will rub their hands(in regret), just like honey not consumed by bees. Look at the bees rubbing their hands constantly! Take heed brothers, the world will not accompany you. Therefore why don't you engage in activities that will yield benefits for the hereafter? O foolish ones, why do you waste your life.

kabee khushee nahee rahetee usaku(n), jees deel bharaa hae duneeyaa gam;
duneeyaa gamsev e a(n)dhaa hove, pal pal adakaa hove na hove kam;
duneeyaa gamse deel khaalee raakho, ghattaa-o mahobat duneeyaa sa(n)gaat;
jees deel mohabat duneeyaa bharee, usake haathse deen sahee jaat........143

Never is happiness present in those whose hearts are filled with the love for the world. Through love for the world, one becomes blind and the blindness gradually increases and does not become less. Empty your hearts from the love of the world, and reduce the love of the companionship of the world. The ones whose hearts are filled with the love for the world, the religion will slip away from their hands for certain.

buraa kaam vae jaanno, jo buraaeese(n) hove najadeek;
choree kare ne vyaaj khaave, sharaab peeve, e to bure hae tahakeek;
or enase(n) jo najadeek, so duneeyaa peeyaaree or naannaa;
e donu(n) bure ees naannethee, turat aave buraa vasaannaa.......144

Know the evil action as that which is close to evil. A person who steals and charges heavy interest, consumes alcohol - these are evil for certain. And his vision is blurred by the love for the world and money. Both worlds become evil from such wealth, and they yield evil dwellings immediately.

vae vast buree deese, jo sab jage najar aave;
jeese vastase kaam daayam padde, usathee deel utthaave;
pann meetthaa naam to seerajanhaarkaa, har dam jape use eemaanee;
pett na bhare kabee japanhaaraa hak-ke naamkee to e neeshaanee..145

The (virtuous) one sees evil as those objects(of vanity) that come into view of the entire world. The objects by which work is always ruined, are kept aloof from his heart. But sweet is the name of the Creator, the one who remembers it upon every breath is indeed a real faithful. When one is never filled or bored by the recitation of the name of truth, it is the sign of being a true Imaanee (faithful).

buraa kaam vae jaanne, jo hove sharaase(n) se dur;
choree kare, veeyaaj khaave, sharaab peeve na hove use mukh nur;
buraa nahee jo halaal kamaave meele so khaave, kee-aa huaa jo lok kahe mazdur;
buraa vae jo haraam kamaave mottaa keelaave, sharamee(n)daa hoysee rab hajur..........146

The one who knows evil action is he who is remote from religious law(Shariah). He who steals, lives on (excessive) interest and consumes alcohol, does not radiate light on his face. The one not to be regarded as evil is he who lives on lawfully earned income, he is called a labourer by others. The evil one is he who earns his livelihood unlawfully and calls himself big(one with high status), he will be disgraced in front of the Lord.

aadamee keraa pett dushman hae, dekho bhaaee chet saveraa;
pett laalach kaarann aadamee, buraa kaam kare bahoteraa;
ees duneeyaame(n) dushmanee kaam, aadameeku(n) hae pett karaave;
pett kaaranne aakabat khubee, ba(n)deke haathse jaave...........147

A man's stomach is his enemy, observe this and take heed quickly. Because of the temptation of the stomach, he does a great deal of evil work. The stomach makes a man do evil work in this world. For the sake of the stomach all the valuable mysteries of the hereafter slip away from the creature.

jo khaalee haath ne bhukh hove, usakaa hove aeeaal;
vae to dha(n)dhaa bahot kare, ke ta(n)g hae us upar haal;
e baat bataaee maulaane, sun raakho sab man;
ke bhukhaa dha(n)dhaa bahot kare, usakaa sukh bhaagaa man tan...148

If one has empty hands, is hungry and has family to look after; is engaged in many activities (for livelihood), and his condition is in turmoil. These matters are told to you by Mawla(Hazarat Aly), listen to them and keep them in all your minds. The hungry one does get involved in a lot of activities, and therefore peace alludes his mind and body.

khub bakhat to usakaa jaanno, jeesku(n) duneeyaa maa(n)he nahee joru or chhoru;
ke usake deelme(n) to gam nahi aave, ke kayaa khaavege laddake joru;
duneeyaa gam jees deel nahi, rab yaad vase us deel bhaa(n)dde;
duneeyaa deen doy ekatthe na hove, na samaave ek meeyaan doy khaa(n)dde...149

Very fortunate is the one who does not have children in this world to look after. He will not have concerns about what his children will eat. When there are no worldly concerns in a person's heart, his heart is filled by the remembrance of the Lord. The world and religion cannot be together(in one mind) just like two swords cannot be in one sheath.

khushee ne aaraam chaaho, to aaraam vaa(n)haa(n) jaahaa(n) nahee ddar;
duneeyaame(n) to bahot kasaalaa, aaraam kahaa(n) hae ees duneeyaa bheetar;
ek deen khusheese(n) ddhol bajaayaa, duje deen koee muaa huaa gam;
bhalee khushee-aalee aakabat keree, deen deen adakee na hoesee kam..........150

If you want happiness and rest, then rest exists where there is no fear. In this world we have great tribulations, how can there be rest in this world. One day in joy we play the drum, another day someone dies, there is sorrow. Better happiness is that of the hereafter, day after day it increases and does not wane.

maabaapse jo farja(n)d beechhadde, to e dukh jalaavanhaar;
kalejaa jale maabaap keraa, es aagakaa nahee utaar;
jo farja(n)d mare maabaap aagale, to baddaa dukh hove baap or maaee;
kalejaa jale nenuse paanee chale, ees dukhse tab chhutte jab mot aaee.....151

If a son separates from his mother and father, it becomes a cause of intense agony. The livers of the mother and father burn in agony, and there is no cure for such a fire. If the son predeceases his parents, then there is great pain for the parents. The livers burn and tears flow in the eyes, they are only freed from this agony at the arrival of physical death.

aadamee aap man sab dunee-aa chaave, jetee nyaamat hae bhaato bhaat;
pann jo deel chaave so sab kahaa(n)se paave, ke saaree duneeyaa na aave haath;
deelkee aashaa to puree hove, jo aashaa chhodd hove neeraash;
par aashaa chhodd ganee hoe baettho, aashaa chhoddo to puge sab aash......152

A man desires the entire world in his mind, wherein there are unlimited boons and of various kinds. Even if the heart desires, how can it be possible to achieve everything, the whole world cannot be attained. The hopes of the heart are fulfilled when one abandons worldly hopes and becomes despondent. When one gives up hope and reliance on others he attains great comfort. Give up hope on others, thereby you will attain all hope, i.e. you will attain reliance of the Almighty.

jeevku(n) aaraam, naa umedee maa(n)he;
bahot umed raakho, to aaraam naahe;
aashaa(n) sab chhoddo, to hove jeev tan aaraam;
ke duneeyaakaa sa(n)gaaraa, kabee na thaaesee tamaaraa..........153

The restfulness of life lies in being desire less. If you desire too much(of the world), you will not be at rest. Abandon all hopes, then your life and body will be at rest. For the companionship of the world will never be yours.

jeesku(n) hun-nar kasab aayaa, haath kare rozgaar;
usane bahot khajaanaa paayaa, or ga(n)j paayaa apaar;
kuvaa bharaa khazaanaa goddo, vae khazaanaa bee aakhar khutte;
hun-nar baddaa khazaanaa jaanno, e sar kabee na tutte...........154

The one in whose possession has come art and industry, and earns his livelihood utilizing them, has indeed attained a great deal of treasury and has attained limitless wealth. A well full of jewellery will eventually get exhausted but art and industry is a greater treasure, it is like a lake which never gets exhausted.

dunee-aa mitaame ayb bahoteraa, pann jo lobhaayaa so na dekhe;
ayb to aysaa usame(n), jo ghelaa samaje ne a(n)dhaa pekhe;
duneeyaa meetaa beechhaddate, na lagatee dekho kuchh vaar;
kabee dunee-aadaar raheve ne mitaa jaave, kabee mitaa raheve to mare dunee-aadaar...155

In the friendship of the world there is a great deal of fault, but those who are tempted by it cannot perceive it. Such is the fault in those who understand foolishly and are blind to reality. It does not take too long for your friend the world to leave you. Sometimes the worldly person lives( a long life) and his friend (the world) leaves, sometimes the friend lives and the worldly person dies.

jo kaam karo so beechaaro, ke ye kaam ma(n)y neebhaau(n)gaa kees reet;
ke ees kaamthee ma(n)y kayaa gun paau(n)gaa, jees upar ma(n)yane baa(n)dhee hae preet;
to keesee kaam-me(n) khataa na khaave, vohee kare jeesme(n) hove gun;
to kuchh gun nahee ees duneeyaa dha(n)dhe, saachee baat kahu(n) bhaaee tu sun.........156

If you engage in any worldly activity think: "In what manner can I rely upon it? What good will I achieve from this activity to which I am attached in love?" The work that will not have any losses or the work which is profitable is to be undertaken. (If that is the case) then there is no (real and enduring) profit in worldly work. This is the truth which I tell you brother, listen!

duneeyaa dekho jaave chalee, yeh hae do deenkaa bahaar;
shaah gadhaa or adanaa aalaa, nahee keeseeku(n) eesame(n) karaar;
chet sa(m)bhaalo momanbhaaee, jab lag nahee aae kheezaake aasaar;
tab lag paanee see(n)cho nek ba(n)dageekaa, to teree jee(n)dagee kaa baag sadaa rahe gulzaar.......157

Watch the world go by, it is a two-day Spring. Kings, fakirs, the lesser and the greater; no one is at peace therein. Take heed and remember this, o momin brothers. As long as the signs of Autumn do not come, till then, water with true servanthood. Then the garden of your life will always blossom.

gumraah huvaa vae, jeene aap bhed kahyaa bureke saath;
ke buraato buraaee sheekhaave, or kuchh na laage haath;
bureku(n) aap bhed na kahenaa, buraa vae jeeskaa deen baatal;
e chhottee baat samaj samajo, yu(n) chalo jeeyu(n) hoe kaamal...158

The misguided are the ones who reveal the inner mysteries to the wrong people. For, the wrong people will spread falsehood which will be of no use. Do not reveal your inner life to the wrong people. The wrong ones are those whose hearts are evil. Try to understand this short advice, proceed along the path which is fulfilling.

gumraah huaa vae, jeene deenathee duneeyaaku(n) adakaa chaahyaa;
ke dunee-aa kaam karate, jeene deenkaa so kaam gamaayaa;
pahelaa tuje dunee-aa seerajeeyaa, ke aakabat kaarann kare kamaaee;
to vae sahee gumaraah huaa, jeene duneeyaa kaarann aakabat gamaaee.........159

The misguided are the ones who have loved the world more than religion. For, while doing worldly work, they have lost the work of religion. At first the world was created for you so that you work towards the hereafter. So those are truly misguided who for the sake of the world have lost the hereafter.

gumraahku(n) gumraaheeme(n) chhoddo, usakaa nahee kuchh eelaaj;
jeesku(n) khudaane gumraah keeyaa, vae raah na paave baaj;
aa(n)khaa a(n)dhee eelaaj kare, to cha(n)gu hove jaan;
pann jeeskaa seenaa a(n)dhaa eelaaj nahee, jo feer kar aave lukmaan............160

Leave alone those who are misguided in their misguidedness, there is no cure for them. The ones whom god has made misguided, will not attain the Right Path. The blindness of the eyes can be cured and health is restored, but for the one whose bosom(heart) is blind, there is no cure, even if the (greatest physician) lukman returns.

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